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Wendy Williams’s Substance Abuse Hotline

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Drug addiction hotlines are toll-free places to call for answering questions for addiction recovery treatment and support. Wendy Williams used her past experience with cocaine addiction to help others who have been in her shoes before. These hotlines can be a great place if you are confused about where to go for treatment or if you need someone to talk to in order to avoid a relapse.

888-5HUNTER Hotline

Wendy Williams recently announced on her talk show “The Wendy Williams Show” that she launched a hotline to help those struggling with drug addiction. She has partnered with The Hunter Foundation and the treatment center T.R.U.S.T. to create the 888-5HUNTER hotline that is open 24 hours. Williams said that her intentions with this hotline is to help those who are in desperate need of it and to give hope to those who have none. Williams was inspired to do this after going through substance abuse herself while launching her “Be Here” campaign. She knows that drug addiction is a battle that people fight for the rest of their lives so they should get all of the help they can get.

When you call the hotline, you will be on the phone with certified coaches trained to match callers to treatment centers that are specific to their needs. They can suggest you to short-term and long-term treatment plans like detox, rehab, sober living, and outpatient centers. These coaches will assess these callers based on what they need to have a successful recovery like what substance they are abusing and their financial circumstances to see what treatment center suits them. By creating this treatment center, Williams is breaking the stigma of addiction in letting others know how serious it is and providing them a hotline to get the immediate answers that they have been searching for.

Reasons to Call an Addiction Hotline

Instead of having to wait for an appointment or going to a clinic only to find out that they cannot treat you based on the severity of your needs, a hotline can give you the answers you are looking for. Hotlines are free and confidential. You can call them for many reasons such as learning about the signs and symptoms of addiction. A coach can confirm to you just how serious your addiction is based on the symptoms given and whether what you are experiencing is typical of an addiction. You can also learn about the dangers that can happen to you as a result of not getting help to further convince you to look into treatment centers.

Hotlines can also be a great source to learn about the treatment centers around you that can help you based on your personal needs instead of spending hours on the phone calling up a bunch of centers. You can ask questions in regards to insurance coverage as well as whether there is a treatment center that can help you with mental health issues that you are experiencing as well. You may not even be calling for yourself, but if you have a friend or a relative who is in trouble as a result of their drug addiction. You have everything to gain by giving a hotline a call as it will better your chances at learning to be healthy again and less of a chance at an overdose or relapse.

Fears Others May Have That Prevent Calling a Hotline

There are those who may be afraid to call an addiction hotline because they are afraid of there being a charge. Addiction hotlines with toll-free numbers have no charge when placing a call with them. Most of them even have 24 hour access and are in many languages so more people are helped with these calls. You also do not have to feel an obligation to perform any tasks that a coach advises you to do. You can merely just listen to what your coach has to say and then ruminate on this new information before taking the next steps. The point of these calls is to receive guidance and support and are not obligated to do anything else after the call.

You also do not have to worry about whether or not you can be arrested for making a phone call admitting to using drugs. These calls are anonymous and these coaches are not on the other line to get you arrested. You have a better chance of getting arrested when you commit crimes as a result of acquiring more drugs and not getting help for your addiction. You also do not have to worry about your coach letting anyone know about this call as all calls are confidential. Callers do not need to provide their name or any other piece of personal information as the point of the phone call is to provide information to your coaches solely about your addiction.

What to Expect During a Phone Call to an Addiction Hotline

You may feel nervous when you first call a hotline in that you do not know what questions they may ask of you. To get an idea, you might be asked what substance you are abusing, how long, how frequent, any mental health issues, if you told anyone, if you are ready to start treatment, and if you have been to rehab before. Making a call to an addiction hotline is the first step to doing something about your addiction recovery.

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