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What Does Comprehensive Care Mean?

Receiving care for any health condition does not end with a single diagnosis. Instead, treating the whole person is necessary. Understanding a person’s nutrition, gut health, physical health, mental health, and spiritual health is critical to helping a person recover. Recovery requires comprehensive care in multiple facets of one’s wellness journey and treating as many of the person’s needs as possible.

There are multiple components of wellness, and balancing those components takes time and effort. Comprehensive care focuses on social, spiritual, physical (nutrition and movement), mental, and emotional well-being. Having balance is critical to your recovery as well. Once you have achieved balance in various areas of wellness, you can effectively achieve balance in other areas of wellness.

Comprehensive Care: Treating the Whole Person

According to Frank Lipman, MD, in his book, How to Be Well, comprehensive care treats an individual with a “unique constitution metabolically, psychologically, and emotionally.” He further explains how when one part of your wellness gets “off track,” your total wellness is compromised, reducing your resilience and ability to recover – both physically and emotionally.

You are an individual, not just a diagnosis. Finding your way to complete wellness is a journey best undertaken with comprehensive care in various aspects of wellness. Your physical health requires movement and a solid, healthy diet focused on organic sources of produce and reliable sources of protein. Your psychological health requires positive and reliable support, as well as a spiritual component. You cannot expect total recovery without a focus on the multiple facets of your psychological life.

Total Wellness Helps You Build a Healthier Life

According to SAMHSA, in their guide, “Creating a Healthier Life,” all aspects of wellness determine the quality of your life. SAMHSA further explains how everyone’s path to wellness differs, which is why comprehensive care and a focus on your individual needs are critical to achieving recovery and a fulfilling life.

Wellness Requires Balance

Balance appears differently for each person. While one person may engage with movement by running, others may engage with movement through yoga or gymnastics. Healthy eating may be a keto, paleo, or completely vegan diet. Your social wellness can mean work, play, community engagements, or even just quality time with family. No matter the perspective one has on balance, remembering the importance of balance in your recovery increases the possibility of living the life you want and deserve.

One key characteristic of a balanced life involves engagement. At Enlightened Solutions, we engage our clients with as many aspects of wellness as possible. We encourage physical, social, mental, emotional, and spiritual processes to achieve balance. We do not judge you on where you are in these areas but recognize every person has their own journey in developing total wellness.

Balance can never be achieved overnight. Having a solid sense of your needs and wants takes time and requires a comprehensive look at where you are in your life. You might be in the beginning stages of recovery and need to experience detoxification from alcohol or other substances or behaviors. Or you may be several months into recovery but need help in outlining your goals for recovery and the life you want. No matter where you are in recovery, comprehensive care will assist in achieving your life worth living.

Comprehensive Care Helps Build Good Habits

Developing healthy habits takes time, effort, and encouragement. In most support groups, having an accountability partner and/or sponsor helps you achieve wellness more quickly. Receiving support from others helps you gain the confidence you need to achieve whole health.

In a comprehensive care setting, you will receive support from health professionals and your peers. You will learn that you are not alone in your struggles with addiction. You will see the possibility to change and have the necessary encouragement and guidance to develop positive and healthy habits, which will enable you to live a more satisfying life.

Building habits means changing your mindset relative to old behaviors. Through comprehensive care, you discover how you can cope without old behaviors. Suddenly, you will recognize the strength you have within to cope with challenging circumstances without using alcohol or other substances.

Comprehensive Care Helps You Recognize Your Ability to Change

When you enter recovery, you may not see yourself as capable of living the life you want. Instead, you may belittle yourself for entering treatment. You may also have spent time in self-loathing for your history of behaviors and how those behaviors impacted your life and the lives of your loved ones. Entering treatment and receiving comprehensive care gives you the freedom to see yourself as a person again.

You are an individual with unique strengths and struggles. Your struggle does not define you. Comprehensive care will enable you to move forward and see yourself as a person with untapped potential. You can live the life you always wanted, and comprehensive care can help you achieve that life.

You deserve a chance to live your best life. Comprehensive care can help you achieve balance in all aspects of wellness. At Enlightened Solutions, we offer multi-faceted care to ensure complete health in each of our clients. We recognize our clients are individuals with unique needs, struggles, and strengths. We do not use a singular approach for any of our clients. If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to alcohol and/or other substances or behaviors, we can help. We provide inpatient, residential, outpatient, and sober living for a variety of addictions. We recognize the need for balance in life and want to help you achieve a life worth living. You need not struggle any longer. Reach out to us at Enlightened Solutions and call (833) 801-LIVE to learn how we can help. You can find recovery from addiction.

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