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What Does Organic Really Mean?

Think about the word “organic” and understand a few vague pieces of information. Generally, most people understand organic to mean two things: better for you, and more expensive. Since the release of controversial and eye-opening documentaries likeFood, Inc. the world has been made aware of the importance of eating a mostly organic diet. Genetically modified foods and processed foods are not as healthy as they claim to be. However, due to the intricate relationships between government boards like the Food and Drug Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture with multi billion dollar food corporations, the definition of organic has been blurred.

USDA Definition

Recently, the USDA updated its definition of what organic is supposed to mean when it comes to the food you buy. According toLifehacker, “Under current standards, the label ‘organic’ doesn’t have much to do with animal welfare. It basically just refers to restrictions on what the animals are fed and when they’re given antibiotics.” Until recently, consumers have been mostly concerned with what kinds of hormones and chemicals are given to the animals and plants they buy to eat. Since organic is supposed to mean healthier food, most assume that the food is treated with a higher quality of care. Today, animal cruelty is a major consideration for purchasing animal products, specifically. “Free range” for example is an important label, for purchasing chicken and beef. Unfortunately, not all organic animal products come from humane farms or factories.

“With the new rule,”Lifehacker explains, “farmers have to give animals access to the outdoors at least once a day on vegetation or soil—enclosed porches don’t count. It also sets guidelines for minimum space requirements and prevents certain physical alterations to the animal (like de-beaking).” These are huge strides in the organic food industry, which is estimated to be a $40 billion industry.

Government agencies have come under fire for their loose treatment of the word organic and the regulations with which they use to determine what is healthy for consumers. These new restrictions ensure another level of consideration which food producers and manufacturers must abide by in order to create a quality product.

Increasingly, people are turning to a mostly organic lifestyle. Supporting a healthy lifestyle of proper nutrition and food choices is essential for persons recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, in addition to co-occurring mental health disorders.

Recovery is a healing process of mind, body, and spirit. Enlightened Solutions is committed to providing clients with a one hundred percent organic diet as well as nutritional support and counseling on keeping a healthy lifestyle long term. If you are interested in our programs of healing, call us today at 833-801-5483.

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