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Why Do I Need Accountability in Recovery?

Accountability refers to taking responsibility and having others around to make sure you hold up your end of the deal. Being held accountable means that you have a standard to uphold and expectations to meet. In treatment and recovery, being held accountable helps you stay on track with your sobriety.

We can all use a little accountability in life. You can be held accountable by your supervisors or coworkers on the job. Your spouse or family members at home might hold you accountable for parenting or financial responsibilities. Feeling a sense of responsibility is important. It gives you purpose and direction. Accountability keeps you focused on your goals and can help you avoid distractions.

Fostering Accountability

When it comes to establishing accountability, it is important to be sure you involve people who understand and support your goals. For accountability in recovery, you need to be surrounded by people who empathize with your situation and can either relate to or fully understand your addiction.

You also need to be open and honest. Be upfront about your struggles and your successes. Speaking candidly about these things, especially your challenges, can be tough. In order for others to hold you responsible and set realistic expectations, they need to know where you stand.

Part of accountability is receiving criticism or feedback. You are bound to make mistakes. When mistakes happen, those who hold you accountable will likely confront you about them and try to offer guidance and support. It is important to remain open to suggestions and make efforts to avoid making the same mistakes again.

Here are a few simple tips for accountability:

  • Choose the right people to connect with
  • Be honest about your goals and barriers
  • Be open to receiving feedback from your loved ones
  • Make changes when needed

Accountability in Treatment

In treatment, there are many opportunities for accountability. Accountability in treatment helps you establish and stick to goals that support your sobriety and progress. As you make the transition into recovery and get involved in programs such as 12-Step groups, you are likely to interact with many people who can help hold you accountable.

Individual Therapy Holds You Accountable for Your Goals

In treatment, you are likely to receive a combination of group and individual therapy. During your individual therapy sessions, you are encouraged to address and work through barriers to your recovery. This might include divulging information and discovering things about yourself that may be new. You may have past trauma or harmful thought patterns that have been influencing your addiction.

Through individual sessions, your therapist can help you develop goals and strategies for working through some of these challenges. They will help you set goals and hold you accountable when it comes to working toward them. You will check in with your therapist regularly while in treatment. Knowing this, you are more likely to remain focused on your sobriety and healing.

Group Therapy Supports Accountability Through Encouragement

Group therapy can also be a space for establishing accountability. Groups with peers who are also new to recovery can establish a sense of community and belonging. As bonds form, you are likely to check in with others and express concern for their success and progress. In return, others in your therapy groups will do the same for you. This creates responsibility and sets expectations.

Many groups involve sharing experiences and talking through successes and obstacles. Allowing others to be aware of your goals and struggles helps them support you. Group members will know what questions to ask as a way to check in. They will know how best to encourage you and lift you up when you need a little motivation.

Accountability in Recovery

Accountability in recovery should be a continuum of the accountability you established during treatment. After completing your treatment program at Enlightened Solutions, you are encouraged to continue attending 12-Step meetings. This allows you to keep building bonds with other like-minded people and further develop your support network.

As you resume some of your daily life routines, it is critical to stay connected. Attending meetings and continuing to receive therapy can be very helpful. Finding a sponsor to work with in recovery is also very beneficial. Your sponsor will be someone who is also in recovery. They will have a few more sobriety under their belt and will be able to guide and encourage you throughout your journey. A sponsor is often an excellent accountability partner. Having walked in your shoes, they can offer insight and feedback when you need it most.

At Enlightened Solutions, we work hard to create opportunities for fellowship and learning alongside others in treatment and recovery. We understand the benefit of community and the power of learning and healing in groups.

Allowing others to support you throughout your journey is crucial. Working together to heal and improve creates accountability and a feeling of belonging that we all desire.

Having accountability is critical when it comes to success in treatment and recovery. Having others in your corner who can hold you responsible and offer support is very beneficial. You can find accountability through individual therapy, group meetings and activities, sponsorship, and more. At Enlightened Solutions, we try to create a sense of community to establish an overall supportive environment. Allowing clients to support and encourage each other through group learning and healing has been proven to be very beneficial. If you or someone you care about is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, we would love to hear from you. Our programs can help you or your loved one heal and overcome the challenges they face as a result of substance abuse. To get started on your journey to recovery, call Enlightened Solutions today at (833) 801-LIVE.

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