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Why Is Eating Organic Food Good for Me?

In Unlocking Eden, Joe Horn and Daniel Belt explore the idea that man needs elements from the earth to survive. We must understand that the earth provides us with incredible nutrients to ensure our health and total well-being. The closer our intake comes from natural resources, the more nutrition we receive. The more nutrition we put in our bodies, the more capable we are of healing from sickness and overcoming stress.

Food can heal us or create dysfunction in our bodies. As you enter recovery from addiction, whether it be from alcohol or other substances, you will need to detox your body and reprogram yourself to live your life in total health. One part of developing complete well-being is eating healthy foods. Healthy foods do not include chemicals.

At Enlightened Solutions, we know you need to detox from all harmful substances, including the pesticides found in most fruits and vegetables as well as the harmful effects of hormones and other additives found in processed foods. True healing comes from the earth and its natural resources, which include organic food. Organic produce is grown without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals. It is important to recognize why incorporating organic food into your diet can change the course of your recovery and your life for the better.

How Can Organic Food Improve Well-Being?

In the article, “The Potential Influence of Organic Food Consumption and Intention-Behavior Gap on Consumers’ Subjective Well-Being,” authors Diana Ismael and Anjelika Ploeger examine the relationship between food and well-being. They found that three dimensions of well-being were impacted by participants’ use of organic food in their diets. The study found participants to have better physical, mental, and emotional health as they ate more nutritious foods.

An aspect of eating “organic” is the likelihood that you may adopt a healthier lifestyle. Not only are you eating foods that are more nutritious, but you are also more likely to treat your body better and have more respect for yourself.

Relative to overcoming addiction, using whole foods while detoxing will improve your success in recovery. Avoiding chemicals of any sort during detox will improve your health and better enable your body to thrive, which will improve your outlook on life and push you into optimal well-being.

What Is Optimal Well-Being?

Optimal well-being is the ability to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. As you decrease the chemicals you put into your body, you are better able to develop resilience and withstand the pressures and stresses of daily living. As you battled addiction, you might have also been battling malnutrition. You may have stopped eating, or you may have just been eating to keep going, supplementing your energy levels with quick fixes of sugar and caffeine, which resulted in “crashing” and struggling to keep going. In short, your body was not at its best.

Organic food does not facilitate “crashing” as the substances wane in your body. Instead, organic food lasts and provides you with essential nutrients as you go about your day. This lack of “crashing” enables you to avoid using substances to keep yourself going. Organic food helps you develop good health patterns and helps you continue to choose a healthy lifestyle.

Good Nutrition Enhances Confidence

At Enlightened Solutions, we know the better you physically feel, the more engaged you will be with your life and your recovery. Engagement with life may have been difficult as you were struggling with addiction to alcohol and/or other substances or behaviors. You may have been hiding from the stress of life, trauma, or other health conditions. As you press into recovery, you will learn how to balance your life, but first, you must learn to help your body find balance – and that comes with good nutrition.

Good nutrition creates the ability for your brain to function at its best, which allows you to process your emotions and address your needs. Being able to process your emotions, needs, and wants is essential in recovery. When you deny yourself nutrients, you deny yourself a life worth living and inhibit your confidence.

Having a life worth living involves integrating your emotional self-care with physical self-care. You cannot expect to have your best life unless you are caring for all aspects of who you are. The beginning of self-care begins by taking care of your body, which means proper nutrition, exercise, sleep, and good hygiene.

At Enlightened Solutions, we want to see you achieve your best life, which is why we focus on holistic healing and have nutrition and wellness groups. We know you have struggled. You deserve your best life.

The time has come for you to begin your best life. Eating whole and organic foods can improve the outlook of your physical, mental, and emotional health. At Enlightened Solutions, we provide holistic care for your whole being. We provide nutritional support and want you to experience whole-body healing. We know detoxing from alcohol and/or other substances can be difficult and want to give you the tools for success and help you develop long-term health, avoiding all chemicals in your food, which is why we offer organic farm-to-table food. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction to alcohol or other substances, the time has come to find whole-body healing. At Enlightened Solutions, we are ready to help you build your best life – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Contact us at (833) 801-LIVE and learn how to start eating and living in total health. 

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