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Why Is Meth So Addictive?

Meth, also known as methamphetamine, crystal meth, ice, crystal, and glass, is a highly addictive drug. Classified as a stimulant, central nervous system, synthetic drug, meth takes control of the brain and the body in a powerful way.

Meth Is A Synthetic

There is no one formula for crystal meth. One thousand or more formulas for meth might exist. Meth is not sourced from a natural source in any way, meaning there isn’t one part of meth that is natural. Heroin, for example, can be filled with chemical additives and other drugs, but will still have at least one part natural opium sourced from the poppy plant which produces it. Meth is a combination of chemicals often referred to as “the kitchen sink”. Since the pursuit of meth is a constant challenge for enforcement agencies, people who manufacture the drug are constantly evading the law. Changing formulas mean that the drug is changing as well. Synthetic substances are unpredictable because of their changing formulas. Volatile chemical reactions to create meth can create even more violent reactions in the person who takes it.

Meth Is A Stimulant

Stimulant drugs speed the brain and the body up to a high pace, stimulating the brain and the heart. Hallucinations, wild imagination, alertness, attention, and endless energy become enticing with meth use. Stimulant drugs produce a high amount of dopamine, the neurotransmitter which is responsible for creating feelings of pleasure. Euphoric sensations are extremely high in meth, and produced at high amounts. After just one or two uses of meth, one can feel effects of withdrawal or cravings. As a stimulant, meth is abused to help people stay awake, sexually active, and productive for long periods of time. Combining the neurochemical response with rewards- whatever is achieved by staying high on meth, makes it a very addictive drug.

Meth Is A Central Nervous System Substance

Central nervous system substances enter into the bloodstream more quickly than other substances because they hit the central nervous system first. Connecting the nervous system throughout the entire body, once meth is ingested it has an instantaneous effect. Getting high in a more impactful way more quickly is alluring to addicts.

Recovery from meth addiction is possible. Meth addiction can feel like a wild roller coaster ride you can’t get off of. If you are struggling with meth addiction, there is hope. Call Enlightened Solutions today for information on our treatment programs for meth addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions. 833-801-5483.

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