The twelve steps of anonymous groups like Alcoholics Anonymous are world famous. Since the 1930s, the twelve step program has served millions around the world. Here are three reasons why you should do the twelve steps and embrace twelve step culture as part of your recovery:


  • Why not? If you have hit “bottom” in your addiction or alcoholism, you’re looking for a way back up. Before there was “rehab” and treatment options like there are today, men and women were sent to hospitals, “health farms” and mental wards. It wasn’t until the twelve steps were created that a widespread solution for unstoppable alcoholism was available. People come up with all kinds of arguments as to why they don’t want to do the twelve steps. When you have nothing left to lose other than your sobriety date, there is no reason not to do the twelve steps. Take a few weeks to a few months out of your life and dedicate some of that time to working with a sponsor. See what happens next.
  • Nothing else has worked: “Here are some of the methods we have tried” reads “The Big Book”, Alcoholics Anonymous before listing a number of attempts alcoholics have made to manage and control their drinking. Addicts and alcoholics can go to great lengths to try and quit on their own before turning to something like the twelve steps which has proven to be successful. Doing the twelve steps is a matter of being willing to try something you haven’t tried yet. If you want what the people in AA meetings have, you are ready to take certain steps– twelve of them.
  • Your treatment program requires it: Many treatment programs, like the ones we offer at Enlightened Recovery Solutions, are twelve step based or heavily influenced by the twelve step program. During your time in treatment, your program may require you to go to meetings, find a sponsor, and work the twelve steps before you graduate. The twelve steps are not a clinical practice or therapy treatment. Doing the twelve steps can act as a supplement to your treatment program. Being part of a twelve step program is a fantastic way to structure your life and your time after treatment.


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