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Why You Should Stay Active After Addiction

Living an active lifestyle has many benefits. Being active can involve sports, exercise, or even hobbies. Keeping yourself busy by doing things that add value to your life and improve your overall wellness can be very advantageous.

If you have struggled with substance abuse, you may know the importance of developing new hobbies and routines. Staying busy can help you avoid triggering situations and can help you fight cravings. It can also help improve your mental and physical health, which substances can take a considerable toll on.

The Benefits of Physical Activity

Let’s talk a bit more about the benefits of physical activity. Many things need work as your body begins to detox from drugs and alcohol. For instance, your sleep patterns may be disrupted, and getting quality sleep may become a challenge. Your appetite may be affected, along with your digestive and metabolic function. Additionally, you are bound to experience some highs and lows when it comes to mood and motivation.

Exercise and staying active can improve your health in each of the areas mentioned above. Regular exercise can significantly increase the amount of quality sleep you get each night. The more active you are during the day, the more energy you expend and the more tension you release. This allows your mind and body to relax when it is time for bed.

Living an active lifestyle also helps improve your appetite and metabolism. Physical activity, along with eating healthy and nutritious foods, helps improve insulin and blood sugar levels. This is important because these levels can affect your mood, focus, and overall functioning.

Physical Activity During Treatment

The lifestyle changes that occur following active addiction really begin during treatment. You will be introduced to a variety of new activities that promote wellness and healing throughout the program. One of the activities Enlightened Solutions introduces to clients is yoga. Through activities like yoga and meditation, we encourage a mind, body, and spiritual connection, which promotes better self-understanding and self-expression. Learn more about our yoga classes here.

At Enlightened Solutions, we also incorporate various outdoor activities through our experiential therapy program. These activities include surfing, fishing, paddle boarding, and more. We find that clients often discover new hobbies and strengths by participating in our programs. The hope is for clients to continue to participate in similar activities throughout recovery.

Our staff at Enlightened Solutions helps clients create new, healthy routines and habits during treatment. This might include daily walks or time spent meditating each morning. It could involve time spent working in the garden or making music. All of our programs and activities are geared toward healing and growth. We understand the importance of staying busy and active following treatment and make efforts to instill this value in our clients.

Tips for Staying Active in Recovery

Following treatment, you are likely to regain a sense of freedom and flexibility regarding your schedule and routine. You are also likely to resume some of your daily activities and responsibilities, such as work or school. It can be easy to push things aside and allow your priorities to shift a bit after treatment. It is important, however, to remember the value of staying active and involved in activities that enhance your mental and physical health throughout recovery. Below are a few tips for staying active and on track.

Join a Class

Creating some accountability when it comes to staying focused on your goals is always a good idea. In order to remain active and involved during recovery, you could choose to join a group or class. This could be a yoga class, running club, cycle class, or even a social group. Connecting with others who share a common goal can help you continue to prioritize your health and happiness.

Try New Things

You are likely to explore new activities and hobbies during treatment. Don’t let it end when you complete your program. Continue to try new, healthy activities that promote wellness. By adding some variety to your methods of physical activity, you are less likely to feel burdened or obligated to participate.

Set Goals

Goal setting is so valuable when it comes to treatment and recovery. Goals not only provide guidance but also create opportunities for giving yourself credit for your success. Setting realistic goals when it comes to your lifestyle and activity level can help keep you motivated. You are more likely to follow through when you have set a goal to do so.

Staying active and occupied during recovery is essential to long-term success. Whether you enjoy outdoor adventures or are more of an indoor kind of person, make sure to squeeze in some time for your preferred physical activities. This will improve your mental and physical health and help you maintain sobriety.

Staying active is extremely valuable for everyone. It enhances one’s quality of life by improving mental and physical health, reducing illness, boosting mood, and more. For those in recovery from substance use disorder (SUD), physical activity can be helpful in many different ways. At Enlightened Solutions, we engage clients with many different activities to promote health and wellness. We understand the benefits activities such as yoga, paddle boarding, or hiking can have when it comes to healing from SUD. If you or someone you care about is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, we would love to hear from you. To get help and begin your journey to recovery, call Enlightened Solutions today at (833) 801-LIVE.

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