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You Didn’t Know How Good Massage Was For You

Massage is good for Muscle Recovery

Massage helps to loosen up muscles that are storing tension. Tension in the muscles can come from strenuous physical activity, sickness, and stress. Muscle tension prevents the natural flow of energy from moving through the body. Additionally, tight muscles can lead to injury and muscle trauma, which is very painful and takes time to heal. Through massage therapy, tight and tense muscles get released, also releasing any toxins being held in that area. If you cannot get regular massage treatments, doing self massage on your shoulders, arms, and legs can be of great benefit. Self-massage is a great way to practice self-compassion and self-care.

Massage is good for Lymph Nodes

The lymphatic system is important to the body. Healthy lymph nodes means a healthy body. Massage helps to stimulate the lymphatic system by causing lymphatic drainage. Massaging lymphatic areas helps to release waste and toxins stored in lymph nodes. Cleaning out the lymphatic system improves the immune system, increases metabolism, and helps the body better to function.

Massage is good for Relaxation

Massage is usually seen as a luxury activity for relaxing days at the spa. All that muscle work is of no coincidence with the ability to relax. Many massage therapists have healing energy that is transmitted during their massage work. In fact, many regard massage as a healing touch, and those who practice is have healing hands. Not only is massage itself relaxing, but it is actively aiding you in being able to relax. Working on tense muscles helps you to notice where you are holding stress. Then, you can let it go. You begin to relax on a mental, emotional, and physical level because everything is connected holistically.

Massage is good for Circulation

Especially for people recovering from intravenous drug use, helping the circulation of blood flow is an important healing aspect. Massage is proven to improve over all circulation. There is an increase in blood flow and vascular function. Circulation is important for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction because the entire body needs to heal.

Massage is good for Healing

Massage is recommended as a healing tool for people after surgery. Detox and recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is it’s own kind of surgery. Recovery is a long process of healing, for which there are many ways to help. Massage helps people in recovery relax and release emotional stress they may not be able to otherwise.

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