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A Heart Healing Visualization Meditation

When we are struggling with mental health issues, emotional challenges and addictions, our minds have a way of compounding our pain and deepening our pain responses. When our ego is wounded and out of balance, it acts from a place of fear and fills your psyche with insecurity, self-hate, doubt, anxiety, judgment, criticism and all manner of inner demons. Our minds become tools for self-sabotage and self-destruction, rather than self-love and forward progress. Because our minds can be so loud and so powerful, we have a tendency to prioritize our egos over our hearts, and to choose thinking over feeling- in our daily lives, when addressing problems, when dealing with interpersonal relationships, when confronting our fears. Our hearts, however, hold infinite capacity for love, forgiveness, and healing. Sometimes shifting our focus from our minds to our hearts is all we need to feel an immediate sense of peace and calm, and to set ourselves up for healing rather than continued pain.

When your mind is overrun with fearful thoughts, practice this simple meditation and visualization exercise. Try visualizing light entering your heart, from your higher power above, or coming from the deep source of inner power within you, which is also a reflection of your higher power. Place your hand over your heart and visualize light glowing from your heart, radiating inwards to the deepest parts of your pain, and outwards to anyone else experiencing pain. That light is filled with compassion, empathy and understanding. It knows your pain and wants you to feel heard and understood, loved and protected. We hold within us infinite healing power that we can tap into just by giving it our attention.

Feel the light you envision helping to calm your anxious mind. Feel the light growing within you, spreading to every corner of your suffering. Let it bring you peace. Your mind will want to return to its fear-based programming. Gently return your attention back to the light emanating from your heart. Affirm to yourself, silently, out loud, or in writing, that you are a being of light, that you possess the power to heal yourself, and that your heart holds the key to your transformation. Meditate on this love and amplify its energetic power by practicing holding this light visualization often, especially when your ego mind is out of control and you feel it bringing you down.

Meditation and other holistic healing practices can make all the difference in your recovery process. At Enlightened Solutions, we will help you find what works for you. Call (833) 801-LIVE.

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