Helping You Find Your Best Recovery Option

As you consider recovery treatment with us at Enlightened Solutions, it’s natural for you and your loved ones to have a lot of questions.

In a nutshell, our addiction treatments and methods are unique, geared toward total wellness and the most natural connection between the mind, body, spirit, and Earth. As you explore our treatment modalities and get to know the message of our addiction community, there are a few points you will need to talk over with your loved ones beforehand. We’ve created a wealth of information on the following pages that will address everything from specifics of what you’ll need on your very first day into the joyous world of recovery, to what to expect throughout treatment, to financing, and beyond.

Costs, Financing and Insurance

For everyone hoping to start their journey of recovery in a healthy, nurturing environment, we will help you find the best financial option for you. When you call to set up your initial appointment to join one of our recovery programs, our intake counselors will help you gather the information you need to talk with your insurance company and make the process of financing your recovery as easy as possible.

Verify Your Insurance
What to Expect

Helping You Find Your Best Recovery Option

When you call our addiction recovery center at Enlightened Solutions, you will be greeted by someone that understands the daily difficulties of those suffering from active addiction, and the families distressed by their loved one’s condition. We welcome you and your family into recovery by getting you set up with a detox program that works best for you and your specific addiction(s). Enlightened Solutions is part of the MAP network of contracted partners, so we can find the best providers for you both financially and emotionally.

Detox, Co-Occurring Diagnosis and Holistic Therapies

As soon as you have completed detox, you will meet with our addiction counselors, who will go through the program steps with you. Any questions you have pertaining to a particular treatment and its benefits will be laid out for you. Upon checking into our programs, you will meet with a mental health professional that will assess and treat you for co-occurring diagnosis of any mental health conditions that coincide with your substance addiction. No matter what your addiction or past, we will welcome you with open arms if you are ready and willing to take on your addiction and embrace recovery.

Depending on the type of recovery program you choose with Enlightened Solutions, the intake process may vary and you may either be coming to our facility part-time in order to participate in therapy and holistic treatments, or you may require more intensive engagement and integration into our programs. Our recovery offerings are fun and interesting, with the goal of treating each aspect of your mind, body, and spirit, so you can live as a whole, functioning member of society. We also offer gender specific treatments that will help you focus and be as comfortable as possible without distractions.

What to Bring

For clients in our Partial Care Program who are going into a local sober living house, here is a list of things to bring:

  • 2 Weeks of Clothes – We have washers and dryers so you can launder your items – make sure to bring athletic clothes for yoga, as well as, boots for equine therapy (we have some extras in case you do not).
  • Toiletries – Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, hairbrush, razor, shaving cream.
  • Computer – If you have work to do while with us, you may bring a laptop that will be locked up unless you are using it. Cell Phones – All cell phones will be locked up during the Partial Care phase of the program and returned once a client transitions into IOP.
  • Medications – Please come with any medications that you currently take. Our doctor will assess and make any changes as necessary.
  • No Food or Drink – We supply healthy and organic food to rebuild your body and mind back to its optimal level.

If you have any questions about other items not listed above, please call our admissions desk. We are happy to help you get started and make the transition into a supportive recovery system as comfortable as possible.