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Spiritual Care & Mentoring

During your search for addiction treatment, you might be hard-pressed to find a program that will openly talk about spirituality and mentorship as a core philosophy in their approach to recovery. As we conceived the mission and philosophy for our addiction and mental health treatment programs here at Enlightened Solutions, we wanted to build in tools to address the myriad of things that could impact the mind and body of those addicted.

By giving our clients a full complement of ways to find joy in sober living, we help them to reintegrate back into their families, and to break free from substance dependency once and for all. The best way we could think of to accomplish this was to make sure we keyed into the heart of a person, holistically and spiritually.

Mind, Body, Spirit. We need all three.

As an integral part of our three-sided treatment diagram, which we address and thread through everything you will experience here, the mind opens through spiritual connection and will then influence the body to regain strength and establish the will to beat the hold of addiction on that person. Clients will learn the properties of our tiered system that targets the things that create a whole, complete individual. If we want treatment to be effective and long-lasting, we must honor the idea that one section can’t stand alone without the others closely attended to as well.

Every individual involved in our therapy treatments and experiential offerings has a dedication to our clients, and upholds this philosophy of an all-in-one focus. We want to make sure you get everything you need to help you reclaim your life and uncover those things you have been missing. Our clients reap the benefits from our spiritual care and mentoring offering, because when you’re in the throes of addiction, you might have either simply forgotten the need to care for this spiritual center, or may not have even discovered it yet.

Why We Require Spirituality in Ourselves

When you take away the drugs, it leaves a big void. This needs to be filled with some kind of Higher Power. Whatever term you find comforting for you and your family is what we encourage you to nourish here as you make your way through your recovery. Spirituality doesn’t necessarily mean religion, but anything you find comfort in that can be shared with loved ones and makes you feel complete. When our clients first enter into our holistic treatments, they may feel uneasy or closed off to the thought of therapy. The reason we feel this way whenever we experience a new thing in our lives is that we have not explored what it would feel like to surrender to a higher power, something divine and comforting, so we’re nervous and afraid. When we nurture our spirituality, we find the strength to enjoy our experiences and find support in those that share our vision.

Higher Success Rate with Spiritual Access

Those that find something to drive them forward, such as a belief in nature or a religious aspect of themselves, are less likely to relapse after treatment. We integrate a focus on spirituality into our relapse prevention skill planning and life skill integration that each client can carry over into their everyday lives long after their time with us comes to a close. All of our clients are encouraged to take part in this program, because it’s another lifeline to use in times of difficulty. There will be some hard times in your life after treatment, but we hope to give you a firm foundation while you’re here, and continue to build you up and support you out there in the world, the wonderful and challenging world you’ve been waiting to embrace fully.

We see incredible strength in every one of our clients as they step into something that can free them from living a life that is less than what they deserve. You as a person, a whole person, deserve to be happy and well, but it takes work and a belief that you can be better with support and a happiness that comes from within. Spirituality can help you find that space inside of yourself to feel happiness and cherish your life as it can be if you truly want it. At Enlightened Solutions, we know that some people may have a deep-rooted desire to feel this peace and love come from within, they just don’t know where to begin.

What you will gain from spiritual practices:

  • Clarity
  • Support
  • Acceptance
  • Strength
  • Understanding of the 12 steps
  • Insight into what’s missing in your heart
  • Mindfulness and understanding as to why you’re in
  • recovery
  • Willingness to work hard for your rehabilitation
  • Empathy for others

We invite you to experience something bigger than yourself, and through that, you will find happiness and peace in recovery. Call Enlightened Solutions today at 833-801-5483 to learn more about this spirituality and mentorship offering.

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