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Can Trying New Things Help Me in Recovery?

It is no secret that addiction can cause you to lose touch with yourself and the things that you really enjoy. Addiction has a way of stripping you of everything that adds value to your life, forcing you to focus solely on getting the next fix. Many will stop participating in activities they used to really love and lose interest in hobbies altogether.

Treatment often offers opportunities to try new things. Taking advantage of these opportunities is a great idea, as you are likely to need new things to spend time and energy on as you enter recovery. It’s important to stay busy and devote energy to meaningful things. Keeping your mind and body busy and intentional can help reduce the risk of relapse and keep you on track.

Trying new things can often be very empowering and motivating. You may discover that you have skills in certain areas that you were not aware of. Imagine trying something for the first time, such as gardening or paddleboarding, and finding that you really have a talent for it. It can happen!

Some new things that you may try during treatment could be optional, while others may be required as part of your treatment plan and program. Have an open mind. Therapy, group education, and wellness and nutrition groups are incorporated into treatment programs for a reason. At Enlightened Solutions, we offer a variety of activities to our clients to promote skill building, peer interaction, and healing. We encourage certain activities and programs for our clients that we feel may benefit them and enhance their progress.

New Activities During Treatment

Make an effort to try activities that maybe you otherwise would not have. Give an art group a try, or consider trying yoga for the first time. Activities that incorporate a mind and body connection, such as yoga, can have tremendous benefits during treatment and recovery.

Engaging in art or horticulture therapy can be new to many and will often serve as an outlet for stress and anxiety during treatment and recovery. Art therapy promotes healing and relaxation and can bring out creative abilities and skills that you may not have even been aware of. Horticulture therapy offers opportunities to interact with various plants and herbs. Even if you aren’t a plant person, you may be surprised by what you gain from spending some time working in a garden or enjoying nature. Trying new things can be a huge confidence booster.

Group therapy can be a new experience for many. Studies show that there are many benefits to group therapy experiences. Many develop connections and find a sense of community as a result of group meetings during treatment and recovery. Learn more about the benefits of group therapy here.

Self Discovery

How do you know if you’re good at something without trying it? You don’t! You may find that after learning to surf or paddleboard during treatment, you’re actually quite good at it. By picking up a paintbrush for the first time and learning to express feelings and emotions through art, you may discover that you have quite the artistic streak.

By trying new activities during treatment, you can really explore who you are without drugs or alcohol. It can be easy to forget and lose touch with yourself as a result of addiction. Trying new things and discovering new talents and preferences can really boost your confidence and leave you feeling prepared as you exit treatment.

There is nothing worse than feeling unable to answer the question of what’s next. By discovering new interests, hobbies, and goals throughout treatment, you can enter recovery with peace of mind and a plan for how to structure your days outside of residential living.

Life After Treatment

Keep in mind just how much your new hobbies and preferred activities helped you during treatment, and consider bringing them with you as you enter recovery. Of course, after exiting residential care you are likely to resume more of your daily living tasks and responsibilities such as work, school, taking care of family, etc. Don’t let these things distract you from continuing to prioritize your new hobbies and interests.

Continue to try new things throughout recovery as well. Just as you gain confidence, purpose, and joy from exploring new hobbies throughout treatment, you will reap the same benefits from trying new things during recovery.

Consider taking that ceramics class or joining a book club. Take some guitar lessons or try out a new form of exercise. By keeping yourself engaged in positive and meaningful activities, you are less likely to give in to cravings and can focus your thoughts and energy on something positive.

Trying new things takes courage. How often, though, do you regret trying new things? When it comes to exploring hobbies and healthy activities, you are not likely to regret the experience. During treatment, giving new forms of exercise, therapy, and entertainment a try is a great idea. At Enlightened Solutions, we like to introduce our clients to activities that promote healing and growth during and beyond treatment. We place great value in group learning and organic eating and encourage clients to take part in the farming process. This is one example of our many programs and activities designed to introduce clients to fun and therapeutic outlets to practice in recovery. Other examples include art, yoga, fishing, and more. If you or someone you care about is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, let us help. Call Enlightened Solutions today at (833) 801-LIVE.

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