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Generalized Anxiety: Do You Believe In Generalized Myths?

Anxiety is one of the most frequently co-occurring mental health disorders with substance use disorders which include drugs and alcohol. High anxiety can lead to tumultuous emotions and a chronic state of worrying, in addition to many other symptoms. Impulsivity, panic, and intensified fear of judgment by peers are especially high risk factors for those with anxiety to develop a relationship with substance abuse. Too often, anxiety disorders like generalized anxiety go misdiagnosed or undiagnosed. Mistaken for stress or chronic worrying, many family members and even doctors write off very obvious symptoms and approach anxiety in the wrong way. After numerous years without treatment, someone with generalized anxiety might find themselves struggling to make sense of their heightened emotional states and wondering why they can’t seem to function like ‘normal’ people. When the opportunity arises, they can easily be inspired to search for relief or answers in drugs and alcohol. The predisposition of mental illness causes the mind to be more susceptible to developing a chemical dependency, leading to a lifetime of problems until treatment and recovery.

Yes, Generalized Anxiety Can Be Treated

Generalized anxiety is a mental health disorder for which there are many treatments. Working with a psychiatrist for medication management, seeing a therapist to work through underlying issues, and receiving care from holistic health practitioners can all relieve the symptoms of generalized anxiety and make them more manageable. Mindfulness based stress reduction is a proven treatment method and lifestyle approach to living with anxiety. Using mindfulness helps take the focus out of the future, or the past, and bring it into the present moment. Immediately, there is a reduction in symptoms of stress.

Yes, Generalized Anxiety Is A Serious Anxiety Disorder

Because generalized anxiety is not a specific anxiety disorder like panic or social anxiety, many tend to believe that it is not or cannot be as severe. However, that is not true. Generalized anxiety in many ways is more complicated than specified anxiety because of the way it causes general anxiety. Without a specific focus, someone with generalized anxiety can experience anxious symptoms in response to absolutely anything.

Yes, Generalized Anxiety Needs To Be Treated When Co-Occurring With Substance Use Disorder

Anxiety and substance use disorders as co-occurring issues need to be treated in conjunction with one another. In order to fully recover from both, both need to be treated, because one can often inspire a triggered response in the other.

Enlightened Solutions offers an integrative approach to treating anxiety and substance use disorders. Bringing together spiritual and holistic healing with twelve step philosophy as well as clinically proven treatment methods, our clients start their lives in recovery on the right path. For more information, call us today at 833-801-5483.

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