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Helicopter Parenting

Parents have a difficult task in gauging how involved or not involved they need to be in their child’s life. Research, critics, and opinions abound on either side. It’s all too easy to be uninvolved to the point of neglect, or too involved to the point of harm. Cyclically, there is one style of parenting that comes under fire as a new generation of children demonstrated psychological effect. In recent years that parenting style is helicoptering.

Helicopter Parenting

Helicopter parents are those who are overly involved in their children’s lives to the point of disabling their kids from accomplishing things on their own. Playground arguments to science projects, helicopter parents swoop in and perform. Helicopter parents also tend to be overprotective. Short of keeping their child in a plastic bubble suit (likely only if it were recycled post-consumer material that was BPA free), they don’t let their kids engage in the everyday kid activities which result in scraped knees or broken bones. Just like an actual helicopter, these parents hover and rescue on a regular basis.

Here are signs of growing up with helicopter parents;

You talk to your Parents all the time…You have to call your parents for everything.

Your parents know better than they do. Even in your late teens and early twenties, you feel certain that your Mom or Dad have a better answer or idea than you do. Each time you face a decision, you call your parents to have them help you choose. You find it difficult to trust yourself or make decisions alone.

Your parents are extremely supportive…You resent your parents’ support.

Gifts are endless when you are open to your parents’ love and support. You listen to them, you obey them, and they provide you with financial and emotional support. They also provide you with endless questions, concerns, thoughts, ideas, opinions, and even doubts about your abilities. There’s two areas of resentment. First, you resent their involvement in your life and the bartered relationship that seems to accompany it. Second, you resent their involvement in your life while accepting everything that they give you.

Other signs of helicopter parenting include feeling anxious all the time, being obsessed with perfectionism and credentials, and the fact that your parents are your best friends. This sort of performance anxiety can lead to depression, prolonged ADHD, and substance abuse.

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