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Last Update On October 25, 2018

Our Website Privacy Policy

Enlightened Solutions understands the necessity of protecting the privacy of your data when you visit our website. The following outlines how we protect your personal information collected with your visit to our site. Enlightened Solutions may update our statement on occasion as new programs, services and processes are implemented.
Enlightened Solutions does not collect information, including email addresses, from you without asking first. In some instances, we may request you to supply information personally, which could include contact information like your email, street address, phone number or other information. This serves to personalize your visit to our site to make it more beneficial for you. It is completely voluntary for you to provide this information, but when you do, we make the assumption you have agreed to our use of that data under accordance with this privacy policy.
Enlightened Solutions does not intentionally use, collect or disclose patient information on its website that is personally identifiable. You should not post information on our website that could be used to identify you. If we discover we have personal information, we will begin the process to delete the date as quickly as possible.
You must be at least 18 years old to receive permission from us to use our website. We will not intentionally or knowingly collect personally identifiable information about visitors under the age of 18.

When Information is Provided

When you share information with us voluntarily, that is implied consent for the collection and use of your data by our practice. Enlightened Solutions will not rent or sell personal data we collect on this website to anyone.
Enlightened Solutions may offer the option to register or purchase products online. During the transaction, it is possible that personal information will be collected. If that is the case, we may share that information with other parties to accommodate support services like credit card authorization or fulfillment of your order. By voluntarily giving us that information, you give Enlightened Solutions permission to provide your data to the third parties that provide these services. You also agree not to hold Enlightened Solutions responsible for any of the actions or omissions of these third parties.
Enlightened Solutions may also collect non-personal information provided by your browser when you request a page view from your server. This information may include your browser time, IP address and access times. Enlightened Solutions uses this information for supporting website operations and to evaluate traffic patterns for our website.
Some of the statistics Enlightened Solutions may collect and use includes volume, traffic patterns, referral sources, login activity and other information related to our website to support our operations. The information may be shared with third parties, but will not include personally identifiable data of any kind. Enlightened Solutions may disclose information in special cases where required, such as: 1. Follow legal requirements; 2. Defend or protect our property and rights: 3. Enforce our Terms and Conditions of Use; 4. Protect our users’ interests.
Occasionally, Enlightened Solutions may be required by law enforcement or the legal system to provide personal information to the appropriate authorities. This information will be disclosed with a court order, subpoena or to otherwise cooperate with an investigation conducted by law enforcement. Enlightened Solutions reserves the right to report activities we believe to be unlawful to the proper authorities or law enforcement agencies.
Enlightened Solutions reserves the right to send mail or email regarding products or services to the personal information you have voluntarily provided. If you do not wish to receive these communications, we will provide instructions to easily indicate that desire as well.

Use of Cookies

Enlightened Solutions may use Internet technology known as “cookies” to identify your device so we can offer appropriate website features to you that are compatible with that device. Cookies also provides us information about whether you have visited our website in the past. They do not allow us to collect your email address or other information from your hard drive. Enlightened Solutions may use memory-based cookies to authenticate some of our website applications. The control of your browser settings remains with you, as you can choose to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or receive notifications when a cookie is sent. If you set your browser to reject cookies, you may not be able to use all the features of our website that require them.
Enlightened Solutions reserves the right to utilize Google products like Google Display Network Impression Reporting, Remarketing with Google Analytics, Google Analytics Demographics, DoubleClick Campaign Manager or Interest Reporting. You may choose to opt out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising and customize Google Display Network ads using Google’s Ads Settings. You can also utilize the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add On if you choose to prevent having your data used by Google Analytics.
Enlightened Solutions will not initiate merging of your personal information with non-personal data collected from Display Advertising features based on the DoubleClick cookie unless we give you clear notice and you provide your consent for such action.
Enlightened Solutions may use Remarketing with Google Analytics for online advertising. In addition, third-party vendors may insert ads for our practice on different sites on the Internet. This does include Google. Both Enlightened Solutions and third-party vendors may also use first-party cookies (including the Google Analytics cookie) and other third-party coolies (including the DoubleClick cookie) alone or in combination to optimize, inform and serve ads based on your previous visits to our website.
Enlightened Solutions and third parties, including Google, may also use both first-party and third-party cookies, alone or in combination, to determine how ad impressions, other uses of ad services and interactions with these services are related to our website visits. Enlightened Solutions may also use information from Google’s Interest-based advertising or data from its third-party audience, which might include age, gender and interests. Date will be combined with Google Analytics to provide general profiles about visitors and determine how visitors might use the site. This information can then be used to improve the content, marketing and design of the website, as well as services and products offered here.
Enlightened Solutions may use the “conversion tracking pixel” to determine whether Facebook’s advertisements are effective for marketing purposes. This tool allows us to gather information on users’ actions after the user is directed to a third-party website through a click on a Facebook ad on this website. The data we collect with this tool does not include personally identifying information. However, Facebook may use this information according to Facebook’s Data Policy to show you advertisement on both and third-party websites that might be of interest to you. A cookie may be used to facility ad displays by both Facebook and its partners.
Enlightened Solutions may also use Twitter.come products tailoring audiences and conversion tracking. The products connect data from Twitter’s advertising network to your own actions performed on the website. To learn more about the type of information collected, refer to Twitter’s Privacy Policy.
Policy Statement

ENLIGHTENED SOLUTIONS will not release information in the client’s medical record to anyone outside of the program with the client’s written approval to release the information in accordance with Federal statutes and rules for the Confidentiality of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Client Records at 42 U.S.C. δδ290dd-2, and 290ee2, and 42 CFR Part 2 δδ2.1 et seq., and the provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) at 45 CFR Parts 160 and 164, unless the release of information is required and permitted by law, a third-party payment contract, a peer review, or the information is needed by DAS for statutorily authorized purposes; and ENLIGHTENED SOLUTIONS may release data about the client for studies containing aggregated statistics only when the client’s identify is protected and masked.

It is the responsibility of the Administrator to ensure that confidentiality of each client and his or her personal medical information is protected as follows:


Protected Health Information (PHI)

All information contained in client records that is individually identifiable health information is protected health information (PHI). PHI includes, but is not limited to:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Birth date
  • Social Security number
  • Contact information
  • Information about an individual’s physical or mental health
  • Treatment services an individual is receiving
  • Billing records
  • Claim information
  • Referral authorization
  • Research records
  • Explanation of benefits forms
  • Any other information that connects the individual to their medical record or could reasonably be used to identify an individual

Client Consent

Upon admission, clients will be able to complete consent forms as needed which will dictate how the client authorizes Enlightened Solutions to release specific information in their clinical record. All consents will be maintained in the client’s record.

To obtain a client’s consent, the following conditions must be met:

  • The client is informed in a manner to assure his/her understanding, of the specific types of information that have been requested, and the benefits and disadvantages of releasing the information as it is known.
  • The client gives consent freely and voluntarily.
  • The client is informed that treatment services are not contingent upon the client’s decision concerning the release of information.

A valid consent form must contain the following:

  • The name of the program that is to release information
  • The name of the client
  • Name/address of the person or institution which the information is to be given to
  • Specific items from the record to be released
  • Specification of the time limit of the authorization
  • The dated signature of the client
  • The dated signature of a witnessA statement of the client’s right to revoke the consent


General Disclosures

If Enlightened Solutions receives a request for a disclosure of a client’s records that is not permitted by the regulation, Enlightened Solutions must refuse to make the disclosure. It must be done in a way that does not reveal that the client has ever been diagnosed or treated for an alcohol or drug problem.

Client identifying information may be disclosed with written authorization. Limited disclosures are permitted in the following circumstances:

  • Internal communications
  • Any information not classified as PHI
  • Medical emergency
  • Court order
  • Crime at Enlightened Solutions or against Enlightened Solutions’ personnel
  • Research
  • Audit and evaluation
  • Child abuse and neglect
  • Qualified Service Organization/Business Associate Agreement

Enlightened Solutions requires that its employees make reasonable efforts to limit the information, being shared to the minimum necessary to accomplish the intended purpose. Enlightened Solutions employees have access to all protected health information within the programs. Counselors and nurses have access to protected health information of clients on their caseload. Other employees may have access to protected health information that is needed for the purpose of consultation and case management. Administrative employees will only have access to specific protected health information based on their position in the agency.

Counselors and nurses must document an accounting of disclosures made without client consent. Accountings must include the date of disclosure, the name and address of the person who received this information, description of the disclosed information and a statement of the purpose of the disclosure. This information must also be disclosed to the Executive Director and Director of Corporate Compliance.

Clients have the right to receive an accounting of disclosures of their own protected health information made prior to the date of the request. This accounting does not have to include disclosures made with client authorization.

Specialized Disclosures

Judiciary, Insurance Companies, and Hospitals

Only those portions of the client’s record specifically requested will be released and only if those portions fall under the federal and state guidelines of information allowed to be released.

Requests from insurance companies will be honored only if their company is named on the face sheet of the record and there is consent. The information to be released is restricted by the federal and state guidelines.

Attorney Requests/Subpoenas

Attorney requests for records must be accompanied by valid client consent. Additionally, a subpoena is not sufficient for record release. Unless there is a valid client consent, a court order, signed by a Judge of Court of Common Pleas or higher, is required for Enlightened Solutions to release the records.

Upon receipt of an attorney’s request or subpoena, the Executive Director will retrieve the record and place it in a locked file for security. If the record is required for internal purposes, a copy of the record will be made for that use, and the original will remain secured and accessible only to the Executive Director.

Search/Arrest Warrants

In the event an employee must respond to a search/arrest warrant, the following procedures are to be followed:

  • Kindly explain to the law enforcement officer that Enlightened Solutions cannot cooperate with a search or arrest warrant without an appropriate court order, one that has been issued in accordance with the regulations. Law enforcement officers are not permitted to search inside the facility.
  • Immediately notify the Clinical Director of Substance Abuse Services and the Executive Director so that the situation may be resolved in a manner that either the client’s rights or Enlightened Solutions position is not compromised.
  • If the officer insists on entry, do not forcibly resist. Obtain the officer(s) identification and allow the officer(s) into the facility. Refusing to obey the orders of a law enforcement officer may constitute a crime, even though the officer’s orders may later be shown to be erroneous or illegal.
  • Once the officer(s) are inside the facility, employees are to escort them to an empty conference room/office where they are to await for the Executive Director or any other member of executive management and/or Clinical Director of Substance Abuse Services (if no member of executive management is available). Any assistance permitted by federal and state law, as well as Enlightened Solutions policies, will be provided to the officer(s). If necessary, the Executive Director will contact the agency’s legal representatives for means of a resolution if the officer(s) demands would violate federal and state law.
  • Complete an Incident Report with the officer(s) identification information (e.g. name, police department, badge number).
  • If possible, employees should speak to the client and convince him/her to surrender to the officer(s).
  • The above procedures do not apply if the officer has an arrest warrant for a particular client who committed or threatened to commit a crime on the premises of the program or against an employee of Enlightened Solutions. Employees are permitted to release client identifying information to assist law enforcement authorities in apprehending a client who commits or threatens to commit a crime on Enlightened Solutions property.

Refusal to Honor a Written Consent

Enlightened Solutions will refuse to honor a written client consent form if there is:

  • Reasonable doubt as to the identity of the person presenting the authorization, or evidence that the person requesting the information is not the person named in the authorization or refusal to offer reasonable proof of identity, such as a driver’s license.
  • Evidence that the client is not legally authorized to disclose the information or if there is a serious question regarding the client’s mental capacity to understand what they have authorized by their signature.
  • Evidence that the person signing for a minor or incompetent client is not legally qualified to do so.
  • Reason to suspect the client’s signature is not authentic.
  • Reason to question the current validity of an authorization because it is general in nature and does not specifically identify the type of records to be released or the specific items to be released.

Death of a Client

In the case of a client’s death, consent to release information from the record must be signed by the following, in this order:

  • Court appointed executor of the estate.
  • If there is no court appointed executor, the spouse (if the client was married).
  • If the client was unmarried, the parents.
  • If the client’s parents are deceased, the remaining siblings.
  • If the client was a minor, the parents or guardian.

Release of information requests for a deceased client’s records must be forwarded to the Executive Director for review and approval. Refer to Enlightened Solutions’ policy for protocols on the discovery of a deceased individual.

Links to Additional Websites

Enlightened Solutions’s website contains links to other sites. While we try to only link to sites that share a high respect for privacy, Enlightened Solutions is not responsible for privacy policies held by other websites. If you have questions about this statement, you should contact us at 600 SOUTH ODESSA AVE., EGG HARBOR CITY, NJ, 08215.