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Relapse Prevention

Living in recovery is a chance to take back life, one day at a time. People with addiction must treat sobriety delicately. What many addicts don’t know at first is that relapse happens days, weeks, months before the behavior physically occurs. Keeping sobriety intact means there must be relapse prevention. There are many tools that help in staying sober, if the addict is willing to use them. Many times treatment centers will suggest 12-step meetings, such as AA. In these support groups, there are suggestions to live sober and sane. It’s a physical and psychological obsession, and there must be active work to keep both running properly. Once the additive behavior has been eliminated, there can be work on the emotional aspect. This is where it can get tricky.

After finishing what can be a brutal detox, it’s time to start on the real work of recovery. Recovery is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. Treatment facilities offer therapy and group sessions focused on how to handle life while still having an addicted mind. It’s as if the brain is being rerouted. It’s a daily struggle to continue down this path but the rewards are substantial. The goal is to work on new coping mechanisms. These must be utilized to fight the desires to fall back into old patterns. Often times, depression and anxiety can lead to relapse, which is why there are ways to keep these emotions at bay. Trauma therapy allows the processing of emotions that had been built up over the years. This paves the way for new emotions to surface and be dealt with appropriately.

Prescribed medications are sometimes necessary for those who are in need. This is vital with those with mental illness and that cannot solely be fixed with yoga and meditation. However, these are only prescribed by doctors, after a medical assessment. This helps keep the mind chemically balanced. Yoga and meditation can take form in different ways and people can choose what works best for their own connection to the soul. Taking care of the body and being out in nature is can also help in many ways. Having a healthy diet is especially important for its nutrients that keep the body systems running accordingly. Each of these mechanisms help in maintaining sobriety.


Enlightened Solutions partial programs offer those seeking recovery a life of sobriety through the mind, body, and spirit. Our dual diagnosis programs support recovery from substance use disorders and mental health related issues. Call us today for information: 833-801-5483.

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