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Self-Care for Healing and Recovery: Spiritual Practice and Journaling

Many of us sacrifice self-care, and for various reasons. We might feel the demands of our families and jobs leave no time for self-care. We might be so depressed we don’t have the energy to be good to ourselves. Whatever the reason, we can start by setting the intention to love ourselves more and take better care of ourselves. Prioritizing our wellbeing mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, is so important for healing from mental illness and recovering from addiction. As we heal, we learn that the mental component is only one of many factors. Holistic healing, working with ourselves as whole people not just our mental illness or addiction, can bring about deep transformation. Here are some ways you can practice self-care.

Spiritual Practice

You have the freedom of developing your own spiritual practice so that it’s personally helpful and therapeutic for you, and there are countless ways to connect to your higher power, and to the higher power manifested within you. You can create an altar where you meditate or pray, with sacred pieces, crystals, candles, oracle cards, journals, mementos, symbols- anything with which you have a personal or spiritual connection. You can use anything you want for your altar: rocks or sea glass from your favorite beach, gifts or cards from loved ones, photos, inspirational quotes. Decorate it with your favorite colors, spiritual symbols and images. Make it a practice to commit to spending time with your altar, communicating with your spirit guides and angels, your higher power, your ancestors, with yourself.


Writing helps us to connect with our inner voice, process our emotions, and allow our energy to flow. Write about anything you feel moved to: the things and people you’re grateful for in your life, the emotional challenges you’re facing, the regrets you’re having trouble forgiving. As you connect with yourself and your higher power, solutions for healing will open up to you. You might receive the inspiration to talk to someone who gives you amazing guidance. You might feel called to be of service and help someone else. You might find that sharing your story helps someone else going through something similar. Writing is one way to connect to our inner wisdom, to share of ourselves, to help others, to learn, and to heal.

The mind is only one part of mental illness and addiction. Holistic healing can make all the difference. Let Enlightened Solutions help you discover what helps you heal. Call (833) 801-LIVE

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