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Sorry, Marijuana Maintenance Is Unrealistic

What Is Marijuana Maintenance

Marijuana maintenance is a term used by those in recovery to describe what some call a “program” of recovery, without having to get fully sober. Choosing the lesser of evils, as many people consider marijuana to be, such individuals give up all other vices, except for marijuana. Like using a drug replacement therapy prescription to treat an opioid addiction, some feel that marijuana is an acceptable alternative to traditional medicine. Stopping the abusive use of drugs, alcohol, or other substances, people who adhere to marijuana maintenance continue to use marijuana.

Controversy Surrounding Marijuana Maintenance

Numerous medical studies have been released advocating the use of medical marijuana to treat addiction. Less harmful than heroin and alcohol, marijuana has many health benefits including the ability to treat symptoms of mental health disorders. However, the THC found in marijuana still causes people to get “high”. Recovering addicts and alcoholics are susceptible to trouble when it comes to stimulation their reward center and system in their brain. The neuroscience of addiction reveals that an overproduction of dopamine due to high levels of harmful substances is what rewires the whole brain. Marijuana still causes euphoria, even when used in moderation. There is simply no way to “use” marijuana without getting high or altering the brain.

Conservatives in recovery feel that recovery is defined only by abstinence. Continuing to use illicit substances for coping with pain of any kind in life is still relying on external substances for relief. In addition, marijuana is still a mind altering substance. Conservatives also feel that it is necessary to be free of all such substances. Arguable, prescription medications for mental health maintenance can be mind altering. However, the mind is altered in a way which makes it easier to function and continue personal growth with feelings. Marijuana can cause someone to feel numb or detached from recovery.

Marijuana Addiction Is Real

One of the substances listed under Substance Use Disorders is Marijuana. Marijuana can cause chemical dependency, marked by symptoms of withdrawal when the substance is no longer used. Recovery and addiction are on opposite ends of the scale, therefore being chemically dependent on marijuana and claiming to be free from addiction at the same time is oxymoronic.

Enlightened Solutions promotes abstinence in all of its programs. For those in need of medically assisted treatment, Enlightened Solutions is available to make a custom treatment plan, safe for you and for other residents. For more information, call 833-801-5483.

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