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Gambling Addiction

The process of addiction starts with an inkling of interest that turns into something taking over your life because you just can’t stop. Casinos and anyone in the gambling industry entice you to become engaged with gambling because they make money.

Unfortunately, compulsive gambling can cause a series of terrible things to happen to you physically, mentally and of course financially. If you feel your life spinning out of control with the incessant spending and don’t know what to do, treatment can help you stop. At Enlightened Solutions, we work with people who live with active addictive behaviors as well as substance use disorders.

Is an obsession with gambling an addiction?

Most people are surprised to find that a person can be addicted to gambling. This addiction can also lead to a series of other addictions including alcohol and/or drug abuse. Addiction in itself is an obsession with your behavior; by engaging with the substance or behavior, a positive reinforcement creates the brain’s need to continue acting on the rush. When the promise of payoff is near and the loss and gain cycle continues, someone with a gambling addiction won’t think about sticking to a budget to avoid financial ruin. The person with the addiction will continue to play or bet by going into debt or selling everything they have, with a distorted thought process of ‘winning it all back, and more’.

Addictive Lifestyle

In addition to the behavior or physically pushing the slot button, playing blackjack, the lifestyle of a gambler can also be addicting. Casinos offer incentives for gamblers such as free nights at the hotel and endless free drinks. In underground gambling establishments, sexual relations with prostitutes–hired by the business– can influence the addict. The presence of drugs and alcohol can cause the person to forget how much they’re spending or engage in dangerous activity. The more engagement in addictive behaviors and use of substances produces a release of dopamine in the brain that demands the person to continue by any way they can. Repeating this behavior with little to no intention of stopping starts to appear as unkempt image, bill collectors calling, change in your health and so much more.

Gambling Addiction Can Escalate

As soon as a gambling session is through, the person suffering from gambling addiction feels the need to be secretive about their activity. Bills begin to pile, and the behaviors escalate into serious financial problems, causing the person to develop depression or anxiety. Gambling addiction can make the person feel like the world is ending, and they may feel compelled to take their own life or hurt themselves in some way. Serious depression and mood changes plague families. It may seem like a harmless activity, but it’s the habitual way people engage in gambling that ruins them.

Our recovery program can teach you mindfulness as a way to focus on impulse control. We can help improve your confidence and think of the world as a positive place where your potential is endless. We can also assist in finding a financial advisor to help get your funds in order. There is hope, so call Enlightened Solutions to find answers to gambling addiction at 833-801-LIVE.

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We are here to help. Contact us today and get the answers you need to start your journey to recovery!

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