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Mood, Grief / Loss and Anger Management

Understanding Grief, Loss, and Anger

Experiencing emotion is human, but the way in which we act on these emotions and how we choose to process them is up to us. Our emotional state is comparable to the opposite sides of any positive or negative entity; you choose one side (positive) or the other (negative), but there’s never a smooth transition from one feeling to the next. Mindfulness is a necessary skill that requires practice to achieve a neutral middle ground where sound decision-making occurs. When we learn to adapt to our emotions, we find that our bodies are less stressed, and we are able to make a conscious choice to own our emotions.

At Enlightened Solutions, we work with dealing with grief, loss and anger so that you can learn to manage these emotions in a healthy and productive way. Out-of-control, unaddressed or unknown feelings are often disguised by addiction and fuels a complete upheaval of a balanced lifestyle. When struggling with addiction as it is facilitated by grief, loss and anger, at Enlightened Solutions. We will teach you how to channel this energy into problem-solving skills. Focusing on anger management, grief therapy, and individual counseling sessions can propel you toward recovery one day at a time.

Working Through Introspection and Healing

Many of our clients at Enlightened Solutions find themselves in a funnel of disjointed feelings they don’t fully understand that cause them to isolate. In isolation, we remove ourselves from meaningful connections with family and friends, unable to express our feelings. Instead of reaching out or trying to slow down to digest the way we feel in a constructive way, grief and loss can internalize and transform into guilt, blame and self-loathing. This is not a safe space to be in, and typically are root causes of anger, depression and other negative feelings. In an effort to manage or cope with constant negativity, substance use seems like an effective coping mechanism. You may not realize this is happening to you until you have pushed away everyone in your life who is meaningful.

In therapy, we ask clients to go through anger management sessions, identify feelings and assist in the development of expressing oneself appropriately. We look to the current situation at hand and ask you to think about your most recent outburst or how you feel at that moment. Moving through the processing of anger or sadness and exploring where these originated can change your perception of yourself and the issue. Moving directly into anger, often masks true feelings of fear or anxiety. Teaching mindfulness exercises focused on meditation is one way we approach emotion regulation.

Grief and anger can manifest themselves in physical changes in the body and mental distress. Some of these mood-related symptoms include:

  • Increasing heart rate and stress levels
  • Abdominal pain
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Body aches
  • Anxiety and depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Nausea
  • Irritability
  • Muscle tension
  • Chest pain
  • Isolating from loved ones
  • Shifting of beliefs and priorities
  • Loss of control
  • Inability to communicate and interact with others

Coping mechanisms can filter out the things that do not serve you and can be detrimental to your health. We encourage group work, holistic methods such as journaling, physical fitness, music therapy, gardening, art therapy, and mood management. Instead of relying on substances to subdue these issues or close your mind to them, detox and treatment can help. Call now to access services that can open your heart to a positive, peaceful lifestyle of change. 833-801-LIVE.

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We are here to help. Contact us today and get the answers you need to start your journey to recovery!

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