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3 Reasons Why You Won’t Let Yourself Be More Spiritual

Spirituality isn’t a requirement for recovery, though many find it to be. When entering treatment or recovery, you will hear a lot of talk about the spiritual lifestyle. If you are resistant and closed-minded, these are three common reasons why.

  1. You Believe Spirituality Is Based On Beliefs: Spirituality is a universal experience not associated with any one denomination or sect of religion, faith, or belief. Spirituality doesn’t even have to include a “God” or a higher power. The definition of spirituality is “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.” Spirituality is a belief of its own, in that you believe it is important to develop beliefs beyond the spiritual world you see around you. Most “mystics” or higher vibrational members of different religions consider themselves spiritual above all else. Spirituality transcends the confines of the visible and obvious.
  2. You Believe Spirituality Takes Work: Spirituality might mean regular work with a spiritual mentor, going to churches and ceremonies, studying ancient texts, or reading through shelves of self-help books. Spirituality certainly can mean those things. However, spirituality doesn’t have to mean those things. Spirituality falls under the old saying you get out of it what you put into it. The more you explore spirituality the deeper your spiritual beliefs and philosophies will become. Understanding the spiritual lifestyle and spirituality is part of the spiritual process. Everything in life takes some kind of work. Practical understandings of physics include exertion and force. Your every thought, movement, and breath requires some kind of work. It took work to develop a chemical dependency. It took work to reach out and call for help. It takes a bit of work every day to continue choosing recovery.
  3. You Believe Spirituality Is A Fake Front: Authenticity is a popular term among people who try to live a more spiritual lifestyle. Being authentic means experiencing one’s own emotions and energy without judgment and a superficial need to be anything other than what and who they are. Sometimes, spiritual people can be very happy- almost, too happy. Other people who are hesitant toward spirituality often believe that spirituality making people happy all the time is a fake front. Authenticity is about embracing all emotions. Spirituality and spiritual practices can help in cultivating and embodying your authentic self, without judgment or comparison to others. Interestingly, judging others for being fake or criticising them as fake is often a pattern of the ego. Spiritual practices often focus on the ego, the idea of self and self-importance, and eliminating or reducing the ego through humility. Spiritual humility is recognizing you are neither greater nor less than any other human being. Everyone is deserving of love, compassion, and empathy.

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