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Can Spirituality Help You Be More Productive?

Practicing spirituality in recovery is about more than utilizing a Higher Power to help you to stay sober. Recovery becomes the anchor in your life, the compass by which you are guided. Developing a spiritual manner of living is like writing your own guidebook on how to stay sober every day. When we create a spiritual center in our lives, everything else follows it. We spend the majority of our lives with ourselves. Our spiritual program directs us in interacting with others, making friends, discovering and developing new morals and values, and who we are as a person. Spirituality is not meant to be a task by which we are burdened but a lifestyle in which we come alive.

Writing about spirituality in the corporate workplace, Dr. Shyam Kumar expresses that “spirituality includes a sense of connection to something larger than ourselves and it involves a search for meaning and purpose in life….it is a means not an end.”

Creating a spiritual environment, he explains, “is not just about setting and implementing rules, it deals with sense of community, adding meaning and helping…to discover their life’s purpose.” He notes that employees in a spiritual environment are more satisfied and find that their performance is enhanced.

In many ways, recovery is a full-time job. We have to work hard all day every day to make sure we are taking the steps we need to in order to stay sober. Spirituality and proactively creating a spiritual environment for ourselves inspires us to stay sober. Like an employee at a job, we are encouraged to keep doing what we are doing, which is staying sober one day at a time.

Here are some quick ideas for building your spiritual environment:

  • Include prayer and meditation in your daily routine. Try finding a daily affirmations or daily reader book that speaks to you.

  • Attract your tribe with your vibe. Find like minded people who are exploring their spirituality as well.

  • Make your home environment more spiritually sound by creating a clean and comfortable space you look forward to coming home to.

  • Build a relationship with your Higher Power. It is one thing to find a Higher Power you want to believe in. Entering a spiritual relationship with the center of your beliefs is a life changing process.

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