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Disillusionment and the Lies We Tell Ourselves

Along our healing journey, as we are able to observe our thoughts and beliefs, we will inevitably be confronted with all kinds of things we have come to believe are true but that our hearts, souls and spirits know to be false. Changing our limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world around us involves reprogramming our subconscious minds, and in doing so, we have to confront the lies we tell ourselves. This process of disillusionment will bring up all sorts of painful and triggering beliefs. Our ego minds will want to attach to these beliefs because that is what they are accustomed to. Our minds will fight us as we try to shed these beliefs. As we resist our mind’s often neurotic ways of thinking, we only compound the negative energy accumulated within us.

To change these beliefs in a deep way, we can challenge the lies our ego minds tell us, while also working to calm and neutralize the stored anxious energy within. Try writing out the fears you’ve unearthed, then meditating on these fears by sitting with them and breathing through them. This is a powerful healing technique that allows you decrease your resistance to painful thoughts and fears, which helps to lessen their power over you. Anyone who has tried to stop obsessing, for example, knows that trying to resist the thoughts only makes them more frequent. We can’t avoid the thoughts, we have to face them. We have to feel them to heal them, as they say.

See if any of these fears apply to you. Do you feel a reaction when thinking about them? Do you feel triggered by them? Write down any fears that come to mind. Think about your patterns, habits and cycles, all of which can point you to your subconscious fears. List your fears, read them, sit with them, feel the full weight of them, and breathe through them. Repeat the process as much as needed.

Fear of abandonment

Fear of inadequacy

Fear of inferiority

Fear of being replaced

Fear of being rejected

Fear of being betrayed

Fear of death

Fear of success

Fear of failure

Fear of judgment


As we sit with our fears, we start to feel that they bring us the opposite emotions from the natural joy and peace we feel in our hearts when we’re happy. They cause us tension, anxiety, panic, anger, and sadness. These fears are illusions of the ego mind. Our ego, or sense of self, becomes wounded after trauma, and instead of being self-protective, it can be self-punishing and self-deprecating. Living our lives in fear not only keeps us small, it works to actually manifest those fearful things into our reality. Meditate on disillusionment. Meditate on releasing your fears. They aren’t real. Your heart and soul and the light within them are what is real.

Enlightened Solutions can offer you support in addressing your fears. We provide various kinds of therapy, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT.) Call (833) 801-LIVE today.

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