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12 Step Program

What Does Holistic Treatment Include?

May 12, 2023
Holistic treatment is a form of treating a person as a whole, rather than individual ailments. In terms of substance …

How Does Alcoholics Anonymous Really Work?

July 13, 2021
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a fellowship of people in recovery from addiction that has helped millions of people in …

New to Recovery? Find a Sponsor

January 26, 2021
You did it. You gave up drugs or alcohol and you are now sober. You have been through a treatment program, and perhap…

Why You Shouldn’t Compare Yourself to Others in Addiction Recovery

May 15, 2020
When you first start recovering from a substance use disorder, whether you enter treatment, start going to 12-Step me…

Gaining Some Positivity Amidst Hardship In Recovery 

March 19, 2020
When addiction is present, it becomes harder than ever before to maintain a clear focus. We become confused about our…

How to Apply the 12-Step Program to Your Life 

March 17, 2020
While we’re still in the start of the new year with spring right around the corner, you may be considering ways that …

The Power of Grace

March 2, 2020
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition, grace is “the divine influence which operates in humans t…

Using Spirituality to Combat Negative Emotions

January 23, 2020
Recovery causes us to look inward – and many times, we’re faced with troubling thoughts, truths, and understandings o…

4 Ways Doing Service Work Can Keep You Sober

January 7, 2020
Getting sober is a long tough path. Once you’ve gone through the physical and mental stress of detox the next part of…

How to Date When You Are Newly Sober

July 24, 2019
It may have been your go-to invitation to tell your date that the two of you should grab a drink together. Now that y…

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