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Boundaries to Set For Those Struggling with Addiction

April 5, 2019
Boundaries are important for any kind of relationship you have whether it is between you and a friend, spouse, who yo…

How to Feel Happy When You Feel You Do Not Deserve It

March 26, 2019
When people have depression, they may feel that they do not deserve to be happy for a number of reasons. When they fe…

All or Nothing Anxiety

March 10, 2019
Having all or nothing anxiety means that your thinking is very black and white. This can affect the choices that you …

Making the Conscious Decision to Choose Healing

January 28, 2019
Many of us living with addiction struggle against our illness, and therefore ourselves, for the entire duration of th…

Taking Small Steps Towards Recovery

January 23, 2019
The recovery process can feel overwhelming, daunting, even terrifying at times. We’re being asked to push ourselves t…

Embracing our Gifts for Recovery

January 21, 2019
When we are embroiled in addiction and mental health issues, sometimes the first thing we abandon is our connection t…

Changing the Narrative of Addiction

January 15, 2019
When it comes to looking at addiction honestly and removing the stigmas around it, those of us who have lived with ad…

Treating Co-Occurring Conditions

January 10, 2019
Addiction is all-encompassing and touches every area of our lives, from our work and our interests to the health of o…

The Importance of Friendship

January 8, 2019
When we’ve spent years of our lives isolating ourselves from other people, and when we’ve experienced excessive confl…

Learning as a Wellness Tool

January 4, 2019
Learning can be a very helpful tool in our healing and recovery from addiction and mental health issues. Practicing a…

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