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12 Step Program

The Harm in Suppressing Our Emotions

January 2, 2019
Many of us have been conditioned to believe that expressing our emotions is a sign of weakness, and that we are lesse…

Identifying Our Self-Destructiveness

December 28, 2018
For those of us living with addictions and mental health issues, one of the common underlying issues many of us share…

Choosing Faith in Moments of Crisis

December 26, 2018
When we’ve been struggling with addiction, many of us have become all too familiar with experiencing serious crises i…

Learning to be Conscious of Our Stress Levels

December 25, 2018
Many of us living with addiction have managed to bury our deepest emotions for so long that we aren’t aware of how mu…

The Spiritual Side of Addiction

December 21, 2018
Examining addiction, we’re used to looking at the mental, emotional and physical factors of addiction, the correlatio…

12 Ways to Safeguard Sobriety During the Holidays

December 20, 2018
If you’re in recovery from addiction, you might be approaching the holidays with apprehension instead of excitement. …

Creating Space for Healing

December 19, 2018
When working towards recovery, one of the challenges we can find ourselves confronted with is feeling totally overwhe…

Benefiting from Support Groups

December 18, 2018
Many of us struggling with addiction have formed the very destructive and limiting belief that we need to recover alo…

Investigating our Triggers

December 14, 2018
For those of us living with addiction, something we often have in common is that we are easily triggered by certain t…

Healing Our Toxic Energy

December 10, 2018
When we are working towards recovery, abstaining from our addictive drugs and behaviors is only half the battle. We a…

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