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What Does Holistic Treatment Include?

Holistic treatment is a form of treating a person as a whole, rather than individual ailments. In terms of substance abuse treatment, it is the same. The benefits provided by this form of treatment can help those who are struggling to find peace and recovery.

Additionally, they can learn new and positive ways of thinking and coping. There are practices that someone can implement into day-to-day routines. These can help those struggling with substance abuse gain control of their life back, and begin a life in recovery. 

What is Holistic Treatment?

Holistic medicine is a form of healing. It implements different practices to not only treat the physical ailment but treats the person as a whole. This form of treatment addresses not only the body, but the mind and soul as well. In holistic treatment, practitioners believe a person is made up of different parts. Thus if one part is off balance, the other parts will be affected. What does holistic treatment entail?

While treating the person as a whole, mind, body and soul, is done so by using traditional pharmaceutical medications. Practitioners also add in alternative therapies. These alternative therapies can include practices like yoga, sound healing, meditation, acupuncture, and massage therapy.

It can also include nutritional education, wellness classes and planning in order to teach someone how food and nutrition can affect the body. Finding balance in all aspects can only be beneficial for the individual, and holistic treatment has a goal of balance for those who use it.

Why is Holistic Treatment Effective and Popular?

The reason holistic treatment is effective is that it does what its main focus is, treats the person as a whole. While the physical symptoms associated with addiction should be addressed and treated, other parts of the individual should also be addressed and treated.

Using alternative therapies like massage, yoga, and meditation can help to release stresses in life that often lead to using drugs and alcohol as a means of coping. Its popularity is due in part to the way holistic treatment is approached.

Because it is not just focused on medicinal routes, and can implement the other therapies into the lives of others, there are other things someone can be taught in order to get through the symptoms they are experiencing that don’t necessarily involve pharmaceuticals.

Many people feel as though using natural or non-medicinal forms of treatment can help to heal. These natural medications can heal without them depending solely on medications to feel better. The goal of holistic treatment is to provide balance.

So using the different therapies in conjunction with traditional medications can help to create a balanced life. These other therapies can provide that extra balance for the mind and spirit to be calmed and at ease, while addressing the physical body as well.

Benefits for Addiction and Mental Health

Individuals who struggle with mental health and addiction often feel like their life is chaotic and off balance. The only thing they have control over is using drugs or alcohol. When seeking help, and using holistic treatment to address addiction and mental health, not only does it provide a positive outlet but it also creates a routine.

Those struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol benefit from routine. A holistic treatment used for mental health and addiction also helps with stress. Stress often leads to relapse after someone has successfully stopped using drugs and alcohol. This form of treatment (via meditation, sound healing or yoga) also implements healthy coping skills into the lives of those who struggle with addiction and mental health. 

Spiritual connection is another benefit. This is not to be confused with a spiritual being in religious factions. Additionally, 12-step fellowships such as AA and NA stress the importance of a spiritual connection with a higher power. This does not mean God in the sense of the Bible or any other religious material.

It means a connection with something greater. It is commonly seen in those working 12-step programs that the stronger their spiritual connection, the stronger their recovery. Another benefit of holistic treatment is better overall health.

The basis of holistic medicine is that all parts of the body are connected, and one is not balanced, the other parts will also fall off center. So, when the mind and soul are treated along with the body it provides a state of balance in all parts making it all around healthier.

Finding Holistic Treatment 

Treating the person as a whole has become increasingly more popular, especially when treating mental health as well as drug and alcohol addiction.

Being able to maintain recovery is the number one goal of anyone who seeks treatment for mental health or addiction to substances. Using alternative therapies and holistic treatments in order to do so can be extremely beneficial. If you or a loved one are struggling, there is help.

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