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Finding your Fulfillment

Defining fulfillment takes on two forms. First, fulfillment means satisfaction. When we are fulfilled, we are satisfied. Specifically, we are satisfied because we have fully developed our abilities or character through something we have done. Second, fulfillment means achievement. When we are fulfilled we feel we have achieved something “desired, promised, or predicted.” The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous has a special section of text that people fondly refer to as the promises. “If we are painstaking about this phase of our development,” the book states, “we will be amazed before we are halfway through.” Fulfilling these promises takes work, the book explains; for, we may have faith these promises will come true, however, “faith without works is dead.” Some of the promises include new happiness, comprehending the word serenity, and a whole new outlook on life. Extravagant? Hardly. Achievable? Fulfillingly.

Finding your Fulfillment

Taking the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous will be a fulfilling event. Having experienced both a spiritual awakening as well as achieved their completion, it will be time to discover more. Recovery isn’t about getting and taking more and more fulfillment. On the contrary, a truly disciplined spiritual approach will encourage detachment from the idea of “more”. However, even Siddartha, the Buddha himself, discovered enlightenment by way of a journey searching for “more”. Along his path, the Buddha tried a variety of means to find the spiritual fulfillment he was seeking. For Siddartha, his faith that there was more than the impermanence of life required work.

As you travel your path in recovery, be encouraged to seek your fulfillment in different ways. Doing this “work” will result in discovering what fulfills you, which will bring incredible joy and meaning to your life. Here are some suggestions for finding your fulfillment.



Volunteering opportunities range across a wide variety of interests. Pick one or two causes, activities, or interests you are willing to dedicate free and unpaid time to. Devote a few hours a week to being in that place, giving yourself to whatever it is you have volunteered to do.


Be of Service in your 12 Step Community

Being of service is a way for getting out of one’s own way. Helping others can include reaching out to a newcomer, sponsoring someone through the steps, or taking a commitment at a meeting. You might be of service to people in need of rides around town, or help with their life. Working with a newcomer is one of the most rewarding experiences in recovery.


Try new things

There may be fulfillment out there you haven’t discovered yet. Explore your vulnerabilities and try new things. You might unearth an unknown satisfaction!


Enlightened Solutions sees the promise of a fulfilling future in each one of our clients. Through holistic healing and a mind, body, spirit, approach we offer a solution to the problem of drug and alcohol addiction. For more information on our programs of treatment call us today at 833-801-5483.

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