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Gambling with Gambling Addiction

The disease of addiction finds people of all kinds who are prone to all different kinds of behavior. Gambling is a form of addiction that many struggle with today. Whether it be the slot machines, poker, horse races; each allow someone who is experiencing addiction to get the ‘fix’ that they need. Similarly to alcohol and drugs, gambling can lead to severe consequences. Those with the addiction will continue to gambling while ignoring the many signs of defeat. It becomes all the mind can think of and it may start to run life entirely. During stressful times the solution can be to simply hit the casino in attempts to numb uncomfortable feelings. It’s another way to escape from reality and after things get out of control, there doesn’t seem to be anyway out. It’s a safe bet that those with a gambling addiction begin to suffer financially. Obligations are put on the back burner, and the denial runs rampant. Family members and friends begin to worry about all of the time spent focusing on gambling.

While in treatment, a person with gambling addiction will learn how to handle stressful situations without harmful behavior. A healthy lifestyle by can be led by:

  • Finding new thrilling hobbies
  • Individual therapy
  • Exorcising
  • Finding a real job to pay for debt

Each individual will be able to find what works for them after they learn that gambling never really worked to fulfill their life in the way they wanted.  Accepting there is a problem is the first step to move forward in life. There are support groups for people with addiction, such as Gambler’s Anonymous. The person with a gambling addiction needs to understand that if they gamble, they could get stuck in a deep hole once again, but there is a choice. Gambling addiction doesn’t have to control life anymore. Guilt and shame can be put in the past and the addict can accept the gift of a beautiful, bright future without gambling their life away.

Gambling addiction is often co-occurring with alcoholism or drug addiction. If you or a loved one are struggling with chemical dependency issues that have taken over your life, there is a solution. Enlightened Solutions offers a holistic approach to treatment for recovery of mind, body, and spirit. Call today: 822-234-LIVE.

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