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Healing Our Community for Over 20 Years

For any industry with a mission to serve, community inclusion and service are crucial to success and sustainability. Creating space for community members in need and offering something different to fulfill those needs is critical. Enlightened Solutions has accomplished this and more by finding creative ways to promote healing within the community.

For over two decades, the Enlightened Solutions family, rooted in the Hansen Foundation, has been immersed in the community through various events and hosting activities open to the public. By doing so, awareness of the services offered and the potential for community change and treatment through Enlightened’s unique treatment approaches has increased.

Our Founder

Jennifer Hansen is the founder of Enlightened Solutions and the well-known non-profit The Hansen Foundation. She created The Hansen Foundation approximately two decades ago to fund sober living facilities for men and women in South Jersey after entering recovery herself. After this success, Jennifer founded Enlightened Solutions to continue helping others who were impacted by substance abuse. Jennifer has dedicated herself to healing and restoring the community over the last two decades.

Jennifer lives a holistic lifestyle and believes in the value it can bring to community members and those in treatment and recovery. A yoga instructor herself, she incorporates yoga into the treatment programs offered at Enlightened Solutions. Through yoga, clients and community members can experience healing of the body, mind, and spirit. Specialized yoga classes tieing in the 12-Step process have been proven especially beneficial for those in treatment. Each of the Twelve Steps is associated with a unique yoga pose, allowing for a physical connection to that step.

Jennifer finds great value in consuming organic, nutritious foods and feels strongly about protecting and nurturing the earth that provides them. You will find that the menu at Enlightened Solutions sites is composed of locally grown fresh foods to promote healing from the inside out.

The Enlightened Farm

The Enlightened Farm serves as somewhat of a focal point and produces the nutrient-rich, organic foods that Enlightened Solutions offers its clients. Horticulture programs at the farm aim to bring together those battling addiction, those in recovery, and those who strive for holistic wellness.

Through the Regenerative Agriculture Program, organic vegetables, eggs, herbs, and flowers are produced and provided to the various Enlightened campuses and Serenity Houses in South Jersey. Things such as soil health, companion planting, and integration with wildlife are prioritized. The farm’s Sustainability Program involves transferring all food scraps from the various kitchen sites weekly to be used as compost creating organic fertilizer and topsoil.

The farm also hosts horticulture therapy. This allows clients to experience various natural mediums to promote healing, overall wellness, and environmental awareness. Sessions are offered to clients twice a week, and families are welcome to attend monthly to encourage reintegration. This alternative therapy is one of many offered by Enlightened Solutions.

The Enlightened Farm also provides opportunities for community service, volunteering, and employment. This can be a huge area of need for those in treatment or recovery. The Growing Gratitude Program offers weekly opportunities to serve the community through service at the farm.

The Enlightened Volunteer Program is a community-inclusive activity and is open to anyone interested in learning to care for a farm or wanting to contribute to the overall mission. Alumni, community members, and members of local organizations and businesses are welcome to participate.

By hosting Community Volunteer Day open to the public twice per month, community members are able to get involved and learn more about what Enlightened has to offer. Participating members are offered a free recreational class in appreciation for their efforts.

Seeking and securing employment can be difficult following treatment and during recovery. Enlightened Farm offers a Solid Roots Employment Program that assists those new to recovery in transitioning back into the work world. Benefits include job training, skill development, and positive socialization and fellowship.

Community Events

In addition to recurring offerings at the farm, Enlightened Solutions hosts a variety of events each year designed to serve and involve the community. Examples include a Charity Golf Tournament, Fluke Tournament, and drug and alcohol-free music festivals. By offering such events, the community becomes more aware of the mission and more inclined to consider getting involved.

Enlightened Solutions makes every effort to remain integrated into the community and extend its knowledge and belief in holistic healing. By offering programs and activities at the farm and hosting large events for the community, Enlightened continues to reach and positively impact more community members each year. Consider stopping by the farm or attending the next open event to experience the power of community healing for yourself.

Enlightened Solutions is unique in a variety of ways. In addition to our various holistic treatment modalities offered and whole-person healing objectives, we aim to serve and involve the community as much as possible. We believe in helping the community become healthier, more informed, and live more sustainably. The Enlightened Farm offers many programs to meet the needs of those in treatment, in recovery, or who want to learn more about farming or our mission. By providing opportunities for community service, volunteering, and employment, the farm can serve as a stepping stone for those in treatment or new to recovery as they regain their footing and prepare to re-enter the workforce. By involving the community in farm activities and local events, Enlightened Solutions touches lives and spreads the mission of the organization well beyond the facility doors. If you are in need of treatment, call Enlightened Solutions at (833) 801-LIVE.

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