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Healing the Physical Effects of Addiction with Eastern Practices

The eastern world largely refers to Asia and India in terms of spirituality.  In contrast, the concept of the western world is referring to the US and the culture birthed as it was settled. Each of these worlds has unique gifts to offer and it is valuable in recovery to learn how to harness and integrate them in their lives.  

In many ways, the eastern hold the most ancient spiritual wisdom.  The spiritual practices of this region have sustained themselves over many hundreds, even thousands, of years.  The practices are the very essence of the idea of tradition.  The spiritual practices of the western culture, much younger,have shorter lives before evolving into something new.  They bring forward spirit of innovation.  

These principles, tradition and innovation, bolster our recovery as we integrate them into our lives.  As we embark on the healing of our individual life from addiction, we are the settlers traveling to a new, unknown land.  We feel as though we are leaving our ancient selves behind and sailing for new territory. Some aspects of who we were will always be present, although, those parts of us will express in entirely new ways.  

With this invitation of a new journey, carrying forward the tradition of the past, and allowing it to evolve into a new form, play with one of these practices:

Chakra meditation

The chakras are seven energy centers, root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown, in your body. To explore one, find a seated position and connect to the center of your chest to your heart.  Envision a pulsing green light beginning as a small circumference, the size of your fist.  With each inhalation, imagine a contraction.  With each exhalation, an expansion leading to a greater circumference.  Continue this practice until you have filled the room with a pulsing green light.  


This indigenous practice is the ancient wisdom of the western world pre-settlement.  It can be as simple as allowing yourself to be led to a tree, ideally in bare feet.  Placing a hand on the tree and breathing in cohesion with this life-sustaining member of the natural world.  


This practice also comes from the ancient world and some people engage changes in the ancient languages from these practices.  However, you can also apply this practice to mantras in your own language.  Often, it is ideal to choose a simple mantra that can be matched to inhalation and exhalation.  For example, Thy Will (inhale), My Will (exhale).  


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