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How Can I Give Back During Treatment and Recovery?

What does giving back mean to you? For some, giving back might mean donating to charity. Others may consider giving back as helping someone with their groceries or paying for the coffee for the person ahead of them in the drive-thru.

Whatever giving back looks like for you, it probably gives you a sense of warmth and fulfillment to do it. During treatment and recovery, giving back is essential. Addiction has a way of making you lose your sense of purpose. You may lose sight of your goals and feel disconnected from loved ones and the community.

One of the best ways to reconnect and find your place in society in recovery is by giving back. There are many ways to contribute to your community while healing and recovering from substance use disorder (SUD).

Volunteering/Community Service

Community service tends to have a negative connotation. The truth is, however, that people may participate in community service for many different reasons. One of them, of course, can be to fulfill a court order. Some, however, choose to serve the community voluntarily.

For many, giving their time and efforts to better their neighborhoods is very rewarding. Working together to accomplish a common goal that will be seen or experienced by other community members can be very healing. At Enlightened Solutions, we offer a volunteer program through the Enlightened Farm that welcomes treatment recipients and community members to work together.

Giving back through our volunteer program allows clients to connect with supportive members of the community who share common goals and believe in the mission. An added advantage is an opportunity to learn farm functions and develop new skills.

Sharing Skills and Talents

During treatment and recovery, you may likely tap into some skills and hobbies you may have forgotten about. It can be common to neglect your interests and passions amid addiction. One way of giving back during treatment and recovery is by using your skills and abilities to benefit those around you.

For example, suppose you are a skilled singer or musician. In that case, you may volunteer to play for special recovery events or utilize your talents to support others during a music therapy session. Perhaps you have a green thumb and want to contribute by offering to teach a skill during therapeutic horticulture.

Through Enlightened Solutions’ employment program at the farm, we urge clients to learn new skills and build confidence in their ability to use them. Giving back to the program by putting newly acquired skills to work really becomes a full-circle moment that clients tend to feel great about.

Alumni Program

Remaining involved after completing your treatment program has many benefits. New clients can see that success through the program is possible, which gives them hope.

Alumni events at Enlightened Solutions occur regularly and focus on interaction and having fun. Allowing incoming clients or individuals who may be new to recovery to hear firsthand stories of success can be incredibly motivating.

Additionally, our alumni program encourages graduates of the program to remain connected. A robust support system is critical in recovery. Our programs promote relationship-building and encourage clients to form bonds with each other as they work toward a common goal of sobriety. By staying active as alumni, clients can continue to grow these relationships and support each other throughout recovery.

Benefits of Giving Back

Doing good for others benefits both parties. It helps the recipient, which could be a person, a group, or the community as a whole. Giving back also benefits the person doing the giving in many ways.

Finding Purpose

As mentioned, addiction can leave you feeling unsure of what is next and uncertain of your purpose in the world. Giving back reminds you that you can make a difference in the lives of others and your community despite everything you have been through. It can help ease the feelings of shame and guilt that so often accompany substance abuse.

Staying Busy

It is important to stay busy and productive during treatment and recovery. By participating in any of the activities mentioned above or by finding other ways to give back, you can occupy your time with positive activities. You will learn to replace old, bad habits with new, healthier ones. These can include eating well, staying active, remaining mindful, attending 12-Step meetings, and more. Along with these lifestyle changes, scheduling time to do something good for others is a great addition.

Enlightened Solutions offers a variety of ways for clients and alumni to give back on a regular basis. We understand the importance of connecting with the community and contributing in a positive way. Consider giving back to others during treatment and recovery; the benefits are endless and can remind you how much you matter.

Giving back while you are going through treatment and as you enter recovery has many advantages. Getting connected with others in the community is crucial when recovering from addiction. This can help establish a network of supporters who can encourage and motivate you when you need it most. Giving back can also restore your sense of purpose and keep your mind and body busy. Enlightened Solutions offers many opportunities for clients and alumni to give back to others and the community. If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, we would love to help. To learn more about our treatment programs, call Enlightened Solutions today at (833) 801-LIVE.

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