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How to Prioritize Exercise During Treatment and Recovery

Exercise can often be a hate-it or love-it scenario. Usually, you either really enjoy and look forward to exercising or you make excuses or justify why you just cannot make the time. Do you look forward to going to the gym each day after work? Maybe you roll your eyes and sigh at the mere thought of stepping foot in a gym. Or, maybe you fall somewhere in between.

The truth is, exercise really is an essential thing for everyone. Whether you are someone who enjoys spending several hours in the gym each day or you have to drag yourself off of the couch to take a 20-minute walk outside, it is beneficial for all of us.

Exercise During Treatment

When it comes to addiction, your body has been through a lot. Substance use takes a huge toll on you mentally, physically, and spiritually. Exercise can help in all of these areas. Incorporating some form of exercise into your routine during treatment is important.

At Enlightened Solutions, we introduce you to a variety of ways in which you can get some exercise. Some may be more exercise-intentional than others. We have a considerable focus on yoga at our facility as we find that yoga, with its mind-body connecting component, can be very beneficial during treatment and recovery. We also offer a variety of experiential therapy activities that involve physical activity. These can include surfing, paddle boarding, fishing, and more.

Maybe you despise all of the previously mentioned activities but really have a green thumb. The great news is that even gardening can be considered a form of exercise if you allow it to be. If you have ever worked in a garden, you know it can be hard work. Digging, planting, and pulling weeds can be physically demanding. The point is that there are many activities that align with all different interests and personalities that can allow you to incorporate some physical activity into your life.

Benefits of Exercise

It is incredibly important for you to schedule in some physical activity throughout your week. As you go through treatment – and, later, recovery – you are working to heal your body and mind. Exercise helps with this process. Physical activity is known to improve both physical and mental health and functioning. It helps with things like stress levels, focus, sleep, and energy. Exercise can also aid in organ function, digestion, and bone and muscle strength. You can experience all of the benefits just described, and more, just by prioritizing physical activity.

Using substances such as opioids, benzos, and drinking alcohol in excess can really affect your overall health. It can also affect your brain functioning by interrupting typical thought patterns and processing ability. Because exercise promotes better focus and more energy, you are more likely to benefit from therapy and other activities during treatment if you are physically active.

Exercise can also boost confidence. Recovering from addiction can leave you with lots of different emotions. Having the confidence to go back to real life after treatment is critical. Feeling your best both mentally and physically can help you tackle challenges that may come during recovery.

Consider taking that yoga class, or joining the gym down the street. Play some tennis or go golfing with a friend. Or, maybe start with taking a walk a couple of times a week during your lunch break. You are bound to see and feel a difference both mentally and physically.

Find Activities You Enjoy

The great news is that you do not have to be a world-class athlete to incorporate and benefit from a little exercise. You can alter and adapt it to your lifestyle and your interests. Exercise should not feel like a chore. The key is finding activities that you actually enjoy. Maybe you hate going to the gym but really love being outside. Take a few laps around your neighborhood during your lunch break, or schedule in some time over the weekend to do some hiking. Maybe swimming is more your thing. Many gyms have swimming pools, and many communities offer public pools you can use to swim for exercise.

Try thinking about exercise in simple terms. How can you move my body today? Think about your schedule and what you have to accomplish, and consider where you might be able to squeeze in some extra steps or a quick bike ride. Even if it is just for a few minutes each day or a couple of times a week, you will feel much better physically and mentally as a result.

Exercise and physical activity are essential for everyone. Some may really enjoy exercise and consider it to be a consistent part of their everyday routine. Others may really dislike exercise and avoid places like the gym at all costs. Think about the things you enjoy, and consider tailoring your exercise routines to your interests. That is the key to long-term success when it comes to exercise. Physical activity improves the way you feel physically and mentally. It can promote better organ function, metabolic function, focus, sleep, and improve energy levels. Enlightened Solutions takes a holistic approach to help clients heal. We prioritize health and wellness and encourage activities such as yoga, paddleboarding, and more as part of our treatment program. If you or someone you care about could benefit from our holistic treatment approach, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Reach out to Enlightened Solutions today at (833) 801-LIVE.

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