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Xylazine Addiction

Xylazine addiction in New Jersey is becoming more prevalent on a daily basis. The rates at which this drug is entering society are staggering. The dangers associated with Xylazine abuse and addiction can be life-altering, and life threatening. Getting help as soon as possible when this drug is a factor is crucial to regaining control of life again, and beginning to live a productive lifestyle free from addiction to Xylazine. 

What is Xylazine?

Xylazine is a potent sedative and analgesic drug that is used in veterinary medicine to sedate animals, muscle relaxation, and treat pain. It binds to receptors in the central nervous system and creates a calming effect. Used in procedures requiring immobilization. Xylazine helps veterinary medicine doctors perform minor surgery and diagnostic testing. 

While Xylazine is intended for use in veterinary medicine, it is becoming increasingly popular to use this drug illicitly, for the purpose of “getting high”. Xylazine used illicitly often is mixed with opioids like fentanyl and heroin. This can be extremely dangerous and lead to severe complications. Xylazine addiction in New Jersey is on the rise. Reaching out for help as soon as possible can help to prevent these complications from occurring. 

Short-Term Effects of Xylazine

The short-term immediate effects of Xylazine can be dangerous. Because Xylazine is a sedative veterinary medication, when it is abused it can create a sense of extreme drowsiness whose onset is sudden and without warning. Xylazine can also cause someone to feel disoriented. It causes impaired cognitive function and also affects balance and movement. Using Xylazine illicitly can also lead to nausea and vomiting. Low blood pressure, and hypotension, can result due to using this drug. This can be extremely dangerous as blood is not properly being distributed throughout the body. It also results in dizziness and potentially fainting. Using Xylazine also comes with the risk of memory impairment. 

Misusing Xylazine often leads to respiratory depression. Breathing can become shallow and slow. It can lead to severe health complications as a result of slow and shallow breathing. When breathing is shallow, oxygen is not being taken in at the rate it is needed. This can lead to organ failure due to a lack of blood oxygen.

Long-Term Effects of Xylazine

The long-term effects of Xylazine can be life-threatening. This drug is not meant for human consumption and can be extremely dangerous when used and misused. Long-term use and misuse of this drug can have severe impacts on a person’s health and mental health. Prolonged Xylazine abuse can lead to cardiovascular problems. This can include irregular heart rhythm, increased heart rate, and high blood pressure.

These symptoms increase the chances of heart attack and stroke. Using and abusing Xylazine also results in respiratory depression and respiratory infection. Kidney and liver damage can occur as a result of metabolizing Xylazine in the body. These organs are vital to the body’s functionality and damage can be life threatening. The digestive system can also be severely impacted when using Xylazine illicitly. Gastritis, ulcers, and digestive upset can result from using this drug. 

Xylazine addiction in New Jersey can be the most impactful on a person’s life. Dependence and addiction to this substance can be extremely dangerous, and when an individual decides to abruptly stop using the substance, it can result in severe withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable for users. Trying to go through Xylazine withdrawal alone can be extremely difficult, and the symptoms can result in returning to use. This is why it is highly suggested to have professional monitoring as someone goes through the process of ending Xylazine addiction in New Jersey.

Dangers of Xylazine Addiction

The risks and dangers of Xylazine addiction in New Jersey can have severe impacts on daily life. This drug is not intended for human consumption, and long term can result in severe impacts on health and mental health in users. The impacts of Xylazine on mental health can be severe. If there are existing mental health concerns like depression or anxiety, the symptoms of these conditions can be exacerbated as a result of Xylazine use. In those with no known mental health concerns, Xylazine addiction in New Jersey can lead to the triggering of conditions like depression, anxiety, and even psychosis. 

Xylazine is a drug not intended for human consumption. When addiction occurs it is vital to receive proper medical care as a person decides to stop using this substance. This can help prevent health and mental health complications that could arise as a result of misusing and abusing Xylazine. 


Xylazine dependence and addiction can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be uncomfortable and make daily life harder until the symptoms pass. Professional monitoring can help to address any symptoms that may arise and prevent complications from occurring when this drug is abruptly stopped. Oftentimes, trying to get through the symptoms and stopping using Xylazine “cold turkey” can result in going back to using it as a result of the uncomfortable symptoms. Being under the care of a medical professional as a person goes through this process can make a world of difference when the time comes to begin recovery from Xylazine addiction in New Jersey. 

Struggling with this drug comes with a set of risks that can lead to severe health complications. When the decision to end Xylazine abuse is made, receiving professional help can be crucial to successfully recovering from addiction to this harmful substance.

We Can Help

Xylazine is a dangerous drug entering society at a rapid pace. The effects that Xylazine can have on a person can be extreme and make life extremely difficult. It can affect all aspects of a person’s life. Family relationships, interpersonal relationships, jobs, and overall well-being can all be affected by the use of this toxic and dangerous drug.

If you or a loved one are struggling, we can help. At Enlightened Recovery, we offer comprehensive proven care to those individuals seeking help. Contact us today and begin a life of recovery from addiction to this harmful substance!

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