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Seeking Treatment in College: Can You Overcome Addiction Over Summer Break?

There is an epidemic of substance use in colleges across the nation, and there are multiple related risk factors for students. Many students may not even be willing to address their substance use problem until it has reached a point that it is affecting multiple facets of their life. While dealing with addiction to alcohol and/or other substances may seem overwhelming, help is available. You can overcome your addiction by seeking support from those who care about you and looking into treatment. These summer months, when students are off from school, are an ideal time to enter treatment for substance use issues.

Substance use disorder (SUD) is a real problem on college campuses and requires treatment. Although there are sometimes campus options for limited treatment, a treatment setting off-campus might be ideal for maintaining full privacy. Remembering that you are not alone and that help is available is key to developing a healthy mindset and getting the help you need. At Enlightened Solutions, we recognize that you need privacy in your treatment and want to help you achieve success in your academics, social life, and recovery.

4 Risk Factors for Substance Use Disorders

There are four risk factors for SUD found on college campuses and even in high school and lower grades. One must recognize that the risk for SUD is always there and that exposure to these risk factors can increase your likelihood of developing a SUD and make it difficult to battle and pursue recovery.

#1. Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is found in every college. It is not uncommon for universities to host parties with alcohol served. There is pressure to engage in the college scene and many college freshmen believe there are limited risks involved as they see so many other students engaging in drinking or using other substances. Students want to “fit in” with their peers, and avoiding situations where substances are used can be difficult for many students.

Standing up for oneself in college is one of the most difficult lessons to learn, and many students fear reprisal from their friends or classmates if they refuse substances.

#2. Involvement in Greek Life

“Members of fraternities and sororities have some of the highest rates of substance use on college campuses,” explains one study on substance use among college students. Not only is there an increased amount of peer pressure and academic pressure, but individuals involved in greek life are at greater risk of memory loss, sexual assault, and traumatic accidents as a result of substance use and misuse.

#3. Limited Understanding of Risks

For some college students, there is a limited understanding of the inherent dangers of substance use, and many students believe they can use intermittently without risk of developing tolerance (need for more and more of a substance to achieve the desired effect) or dependence. As a result, many students develop SUD and struggle with its effects long before they are aware of their problem.

#4. Perceived Academic Pressure

College is full of pressures, and peer pressure can be overwhelming, but another critical pressure is the need to succeed academically. Between parents and test scores, feeling a need to be the best in your classes can seem daunting, and you may have felt you needed substances to help you focus, calm down, or just ease your nerves. Now, you are struggling with SUD and don’t know where to turn. You are not alone. Academic pressure is real and can be a cause for the development of SUD, but help is available.

Treatment Options

SUD is a serious illness that requires treatment as soon as possible to avoid lifelong consequences. Treatment can be a part of your campus experience, but in many cases, you may want the privacy of a treatment program separate from your college or university.

Enlightened Solutions offers treatment based on who you are as an individual and your specific needs. We offer holistic treatment and mentorship and focus on sustainability, not just in the treatment setting but after you leave our facility. We want to see you succeed in your recovery. We offer individual therapy to help meet your specific needs and develop goals appropriate to your success in school and life. We will help you learn how to balance your expectations at school and in your personal life so that you can avoid those “people, places, and things.” We know you can achieve anything you set your mind to and want to help you along your path.

Choose recovery today and learn how to make better decisions for what some refer to as the best years of your life. Seek recovery over summer break and return to school ready to achieve success.

Battling substance use disorder should not be the end of your college career. You need to know that you are not alone in your struggle. If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to alcohol or other substances, help is available. At Enlightened Solutions, we know how hard it is to balance school and social life without giving in to the pressures of your peers and the need for success in the classroom. We offer real solutions that will help you manage your responsibilities while maintaining privacy for your treatment. Reach out to us and learn how we can help you achieve recovery and return to school this fall with renewed purpose. Call Enlightened Solutions at (833) 801-LIVE and learn how we can help you overcome SUD and live your best life. We are dedicated to your success in recovery.

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