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Self-Love is the Solution

Self-love is the solution true happiness. There are many ways one can express themselves through self-love.  Self-love is expressed in a variety of ways that each have their own special impact on how life can be interpreted. The act of being mindful of one’s surroundings places an appreciation for what is really going on around with the body and soul. Addicts struggle with this while in the disease and that’s a realization discovered once all substances exit the body. Listening to the body is will encourage the addict to take proper care of its vital needs. This includes nourishing the body with essential nutrients. Getting enough exercise keeps the body moving throughout the years. Stimulating the mind by activities such reading will keep it functioning like a well-oiled machine.

The concept of self-love is both selfish and selfless. Genuinely caring about other’s needs and having compassion, is regarded to be a factor of staying sane. It is not ideal to be selfish in a way that is narcissistic. For example, being of service will actually help with self-esteem. On the inside, an average person’s heart will feel full. While in the disease of addiction, the addict has let his/her mind take over control. The mind’s powerful voice disregards others, for its own selfish needs. This turns out to be miserable because the addict’s mind can never reach satisfaction. In our world today having compassion for others serves the addict in a ways that keeps sobriety intact. Therefore, learning about how to help out the surrounding community is an act of self-love in itself.

Projecting negative thoughts onto oneself is never a good idea. Addicts in the disease have the tendency to have depressing thoughts while lacking hope for the future. After the addict has safely quit drinking or using, there must be some kind of change in thought pattern. Degrading or putting oneself down, can lead to a sad, lonely life. God did not put us on earth to fail. Addicts should take sobriety and run with it in all directions. The addict should begin to say nice words about themselves such as affirmations or prayers. Manifesting wonderful futures as well as praying for the good of others is self-love that most find it hard to see while in and out of the disease. It’s okay to start small with a gratitude list, some volunteer work, or starting to rid the body of all toxins. Self-love is crucial to living life to the fullest, All recovering addicts must embrace this sooner than later. Share the love!

Enlightened Solutions encourages patients to practice self-love in all areas of life. Our wellness and nutrition groups enhance patient’s life skills in always staying in the solution. Call 833-801-5483 today for information on our partial care programs in New Jersey.

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