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Suicide is Not Life or Death; Sometimes its Just Living

Until we learn about death, we are only keen to the idea of life. At whatever age our first experience with death comes, we are usually shocked and saddened by the knowledge that eventually life will end. Different denominations of different religions around the world have specific beliefs about death and the potential for life after it. Whatever lies beyond, there is a time when our physical form and participation here on earth expires.

For some, this becomes something that cannot be unknown or forgotten. It becomes a constant reminder that there is an off-switch and a way to end what can be a painful experience of living. Suicidal (fact check the disorder and include a description) is a diagnosable condition in which one perpetually contemplates the idea of suicide. Simultaneously this does and does not make someone “suicidal”. While one might think about suicide all the time, this does not necessarily make them suicidal. At the same time, their preoccupation with the voluntary ending of their life does constitute them as suicidal.

Often when we think about someone being “suicidal” we concur up dark images of pain, depression, and desperation. As The Mighty contributor Taylor Jones points out, “I could be having the best day of my life. still, suicidal thoughts will linger. I don’t have to be in a bad mood to be suicidal. I will still have those thoughts if I’m surrounded by the people I love, or if I’m doing something I’m passionate about.” She adds, “I wake up most mornings thinking I’d be better off dead.

“People with mental illness live in dark places and gray areas. It’s not something that shuts off and on- it comes in waves, it peaks and it fades.”, Taylor describes.

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