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The Powerful Effect of Touch in Addiction Recovery

The mind-body connection opens the doorway to a variety of techniques for healing during recovery. Sometimes, to heal from our mental pain and anguish, we must heal our bodies and allow our minds to follow. Physical touch can be a powerful tool in addiction recovery.

The physical touch from a trained professional can reinvigorate the mind by stimulating and awakening our bodily sensations. We may have numbed not only our feelings and our emotions by turning to addictions–we may have also numbed our bodies.

Sometimes, we turn to addictions for reasons that are not bad in and of themselves. For example, we may turn to alcohol or drugs as a way of relaxing. While relaxing is not an issue, alcohol or other substances can create other health concerns or create multiple issues in our lives.

We frequently experience emotional stress in our bodies. Releasing this bodily stress through acupuncture can help to release mental stress through the mind-body connection. Physical touch by massage, acupuncture, or chiropractic work can help restore the vital pathway of the mind-body connection.

Massage: Basic Therapeutic Touch

Massage is one of the most basic forms of therapeutic touch. We can use the technique ourselves by rubbing our faces or kneading the muscles of our necks. We might massage our legs or arms following exercise or physical activity.

Professionals can also do the work for us. Massage therapists are trained to use the power of touch to reduce pain and alleviate stress. In recovery from addiction, we may benefit from the release of bodily tension in order to relax our minds and better cope with stress.

Massage can produce a variety of health benefits and help our healing during the challenges of the recovery process. Therapeutic massage can also help us if we have experienced traumatic relationships by allowing us to experience human contact in a safe environment.

Acupuncture: Unlocking the Body With Needles

Most of us have heard of acupuncture as a way of relaxing or stimulating muscles to relieve pain. Acupuncture, however, can also be used to help heal our emotional and mental states of mind. Acupuncture is a way of releasing tension in the body that is often built up by mental stress.

Acupuncture is an ancient technique where a trained practitioner uses extremely thin needles to stimulate the body’s healing response systems. The needles are inserted into the skin in specific spots to release tension and to activate positive feelings throughout the body.

The needles may seem intimidating, however, they cause little to no discomfort to us during the process. The insertion of needles stimulates blood flow throughout the body and triggers positive feelings throughout the body.

Chiropractic Work: Spine As the Direct Mind-Body Connection

When talking about the mind-body connection, we cannot forget to mention the most direct representation of this connection: the spine. Our spine consists of nerve fibers that connect to every part of the body and then relay sensory information to the brain.

The spine is quite literally the part of our bodies where the mind-body connection exists! Our bodies send information through the spinal column to the brain and our brains send information through the spinal column to the body.

By undergoing sessions with a chiropractor, those of us in recovery can heal and stimulate the mind-body connection. Much of the stress that we experience manifests itself in our backs, creating postural issues and bodily tension.

By addressing the physical issues of the spine and back, our minds can heal as they follow the body’s response to chiropractic work. We can release the emotional stress of our minds that has been held within our bodies by directly stimulating the spine and back.

Chiropractic work can strengthen the communication between the mind and body, helping us to heal from our stress and pain.

The Value of Human Contact and Trust

Another, perhaps overlooked, benefit of massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic work is the therapeutic value of human contact. Some of us in recovery from addiction may have had turbulent relationships with others. We may have come from traumatic backgrounds or abusive relationships.

Sometimes, holistic and mind-body approaches can have the side benefit of teaching us to trust others again. We are also building a relationship with another person during our sessions as we speak to the practitioner about our pain and recovery.

Whether we are learning to trust someone to touch us directly with their hands, putting needles into our skin, or readjusting our spine, we can benefit from the value of trained professionals providing a therapeutic touch.

Feeling good physically and feeling good mentally are interrelated. When you feel healthy and free from physical pain, you generally feel mentally and spiritually healthy as well. The mind-body connection can influence us to try numerous alternative therapies for recovery. Professionals can help us alleviate stress by using massage, acupuncture, or chiropractic work. These therapies can help our bodies release tension and stress, which then helps our minds feel at ease. Other ways to tap into the healing power of the mind-body connection can include things like yoga, physical exercise, breathing exercises, and other alternative therapies. Enlightened Solutions understands the importance of the mind-body connection during the recovery process and uses holistic approaches to treatment. We have trained professionals on staff at our care program to address your healing needs. Call us at (833) 801-5483 to begin your recovery from addictive behaviors today!

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