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Writing to Express Our Emotions

A major contributor to mental health problems and addictions can be our cycles of suppressing our emotions and trying to escape our pain. We attempt to numb the pain with substances and relationships, we distract ourselves with Netflix and video games, and we run from our fears rather than facing them. The more we can confront our difficult emotions with honesty and courage, the more we can heal and find actual inner peace. Writing is one of the greatest tools to help us in this healing process.

Any form of writing can be therapeutic and calming. Journaling can be life changing. Try asking yourself an open-ended question, perhaps relating to something troubling you, and let yourself free write everything that comes to mind. “I’m worried about ___, but what am I really afraid of?”

Seeing our most troubling thoughts, our panic-inducing issues, our deepest pain, all laid out on paper can be extremely consoling. Seeing it all on paper can make it feel lighter and easier to handle. It can be much easier to sort through words on paper than the heavy weight we carry in our hearts and minds. Writing it all out can help us to get our thoughts out and organize them, which can be so helpful when our minds are racing, and we’re feeling anxious, confused and overwhelmed. Once we’ve released pent up emotion, and seen it all on paper, it can be easier to find solutions to our once seemingly insurmountable problems.

Pay attention to your breathing and heart rate. You might find that writing brings you a sense of calm, even when addressing painful subjects. To really dig deep, try creating lists- lists of your fears, your hopes, patterns you want to free yourself from, habits that hold you back. A crucial part of healing is really getting to know yourself inside and out. Write out your natural trains of thought, what is your subconscious soundtrack telling you about yourself? What do your inner demons tell you to do? What is your inner critic saying? Listen and you will receive clues on what directions you can take to heal and be happy.

Creative writing, such as writing poetry, stories or music, can be a wonderful way to address and process our emotions. The creative process in and of itself can be painful, as you’re confronting and releasing heavy stuff, but the end result is having created something beautiful, lasting and personally meaningful out of your pain. And chances are you might help or inspire someone else with your creation.

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