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Family Recovery

Ways to Help Our Loved Ones Who Are Struggling

October 3, 2018
Seeing our loved ones suffering with addictions and mental health issues can be difficult and painful. One of the har…


February 22, 2018
While in the disease of addiction, it is an extremely easy to slip into isolation and avoidance. Life becomes bleak a…

Helping a Loved One With a Drinking Problem

January 15, 2018
When a person drinks excessive amounts of alcohol despite the negative consequences that it causes, he or she might h…

Addiction is a Family Disease

December 13, 2017
While in the disease of addiction, one may feel that there is no way out. Denial can be so strong it might seem like …

Waiting for the Transformation

October 23, 2017
Recovery means different things to different people. For the addicts, there had only been one way to cope. This was t…

Stress Around the Holidays

October 9, 2017
With the holidays approaching, it’s important to have tools set in place for all the unforeseen events that take plac…


September 22, 2017
Recovery, to recover, is the journey from the loss of connection to the authentic and whole self.  Some say that addi…

How to Help Someone with an Addiction Who Isn’t Ready for Treatment

August 17, 2017
It’s important to understand exactly what addiction is, how addiction works, and the way that the effects of addictio…

Coping With The Idea Of Death In Recovery

February 16, 2017
Death is a human experience. The unfortunate condition of our life on earth is that eventually we will die. Until sci…

The Power Of Music Therapy

February 15, 2017
Music is a series of sounds put together in a composed way. Sound is energy and vibration. We hear sound and we emit …

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