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The Challenges of Living With Mental Illness

September 8, 2023
Every day, people all across the country grapple with the challenges of living with a mental illness. The National Al…

What Is Mindful Eating and Should I Practice It?

November 29, 2022
What do you think when you hear the term “mindful eating”? Before answering that question, you need to kn…

How to Find Fulfillment in Recovery

September 15, 2022
So, you have completed treatment; now what? Immersing yourself back into life outside of treatment can be intimidatin…

How to Integrate Mindfulness and Recovery

July 15, 2021
It is easy to start moving through life on auto-pilot when we are engrossed in our daily routines. Technology offers …

Getting the Most Out of Your Recovery With Yoga

July 8, 2021
Yoga is a practice that uses physical poses to connect the mind, body and breath. The benefits of yoga include stress…

Surviving and Moving On After a Breakup

February 26, 2021
Maybe you saw it coming. You two hadn’t been getting along and the fights had become more frequent. You hadn’t seen e…

Why Kindness Matters

February 10, 2021
When you head out for your morning walk, you take a bag with you and pick up trash that you find on your route. You l…

Navigating Your First Year of Sobriety

February 1, 2021
You did it. You recognized that you had a problem with drugs or alcohol, you sought out treatment, and now you are re…

Three Ideas for a Spiritual New Year’s Eve

December 10, 2020
When we think of celebrating New Year’s Eve, for many of us the images that come to mind are the images that are fed …

The Role of Nutrition in Addiction Recovery

October 19, 2020
Good nutrition is a vital part of recovery from substance use disorder. Substance abuse frequently leads to poor nutr…

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