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Grounding Techniques For Spring

Grounding is a practice for connecting to the earth. The earth is beneath us all the time. Yet, when we are bustling through our lives, on floors, in cars, wearing shoes, we can forget that the earth is right there waiting to connect with us. Grounding helps us cut through the distractions of everyday life and connect to our natural selves by connecting to planet earth.

Get into a garden

Connecting with the earth directly is the best way to practice grounding. Dirt has energy. Digging your hands in the soil and working with the subtle miracles of nature, like planting seeds or pulling up a harvest, is being involved with the cycle of life. Nothing brings you back down to earth like getting tangibly involved with the earth. Springtime is primetime for gardening. Winter crops are blossoming. Spring flowers are blooming. If spring is coming late, there is still an opportunity to plant for late spring or summer crops. Even if there is still snow on the ground, you can tend to a garden. When temperatures are subzero, build a garden insight. Growing your own herbs and tomatoes is easy to do indoors as is keeping flowers and plants.

Walk around barefoot

On those warmer days when winter is transitioning into spring, take off your shoes and socks. Connecting to the earth through your feet is connecting to an ancient practice. Our ancestors didn’t have shoes, sidewalks, or modern living. They were completely connected to and dependent upon the earth. An efficient way to get grounded is to just connect your feet to the ground, whatever kind of ground it is. You’ll find that your energy shifts, your nervous system relaxes, and your spine even settles differently.

Take a hike

Depending on how much rain there has been through the winter, wildflowers could start to appear as early as march. Local hikes offer you a glimpse of the beautiful changing of the seasons. Seedlings and small flowers peek through the frozen ground, triumphant in their metamorphosis despite winter conditions. Though your feet aren’t touching the ground, you’re surrounded by nature which instantly helps you ground. Breathe in the fresh air and take in the elements. All of it is connected to you in this very moment.

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