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Is a Partial Care Program Right for Me?

Anyone struggling with addiction will need help stopping abusing substances; however, not everyone needs the same kind of help. For those whose condition is not severe enough to require an extended hospital stay or 24/7 rehabilitation, there is a treatment option called partial care. This treatment type is basically how it sounds: addiction care that is part-time rather than full-time.

What exactly does partial care entail? How can you know if this type of care is right for you? Let’s take a look at the factors that help answer these questions.

What a Partial Care Program Entails

Sometimes referred to as a partial hospitalization program (PHP), partial care programs involve highly focused care while at home or at a sober living facility. Less intense than a full-time care program, clients have can set their own hours as is convenient to their schedules. Some people will arrive for care in the morning and leave by the afternoon. Others may have a specialist come to their home during the same time frame to receive their care. Even if it’s not full-time treatment, the quality is the same.

Clients can continue with work, classes, or caring for their families while also working on their sobriety. The part-time model allows them to practice the new coping skills they are learning while out in the real world. The combination of independent living with flexible treatment allows clients to develop healthy confidence, independence, and healthy living habits to sustain long after the partial care ends.

How to Know if a Partial Care Program Is Right for You

Partial care is a great option for those who need help transitioning from a long-term, intensive care program back into their normal pace of life. It is effective for those who are far enough in their treatment to start regaining some independence. Partial care is also recommended for people who cannot commit to full-time care.

Other factors that indicate that you may be a good candidate for partial care include the following:

  • You have completed detoxification and are physically stable
  • You already live in a stable environment that supports your recovery goals
  • You’ve recently experienced a relapse and need additional help keeping to your sobriety goals
  • You need a flexible treatment program that works with your busy schedule and additional responsibilities

Recommending Partial Care Programs for Clients

Because treatment depends so much on a client’s unique circumstances, the Enlightened Recovery staff will first conduct an intake. This involves a series of questions that will assess biological and psychological factors to better understand the client’s needs. Treatment goals and history of addiction, as well as current mental health, are also considered.

If home care is desired, we also conduct an assessment of a client’s current living situation. This is to determine whether the home environment is able to sustain sobriety goals. Clients who come from living situations that enabled substance abuse, or foster codependency, will be recommended partial care at our facility.

Once it is determined that partial care is the appropriate treatment plan, we will recommend meeting with an addiction counselor to discuss the specifics involved. We don’t practice a “one-size-fits-all” approach to treatment, so every program we offer is expected to be modified as needed. In every form of treatment, we advocate for motivation, small steps toward positive changes, and wellness in every aspect of life.

Treating a condition as complex as addiction means not just rooting for clients to stop drinking or doing drugs (although that is necessary); it involves a complete overhaul of one’s life, undoing and replacing every unhealthy habit with a healthy one. It involves a change in mindset and newly acquired coping skills. All of these things work together to effectively prevent relapse in the future.

Partial Care at Enlightened Solutions

The partial care program at Enlightened Solutions is flexible but effective, utilizing evidence-based and holistic therapies that address the whole person. Mental, emotional, and physical health are all considered part of the comprehensive treatment we offer. We recognize that every person is different, which means that partial care is not uniformly recommended to everyone. Some of the personalized partial care programs we offer include:

  • Therapy for individuals, groups (gender-specific or co-ed), and families
  • 12-Step programs
  • Trauma care
  • Art and music therapy
  • Nutrition and wellness groups
  • Mentorship
  • Spiritual care
  • Mindfulness and meditative practices

As with all forms of treatment, partial care involves a mutual effort on behalf of our clients and staff. This means that we trust our clients will uphold their commitment to avoiding behaviors or activities that may interfere with their care. With this in mind, random drug tests will be periodically administered, as well as regular health assessments during the duration of the treatment. This is a huge reason why we advocate for supportive home environments if clients choose to receive partial care. The accountability that comes from supportive home life is vital to maintaining sobriety goals and successfully completing the treatment.

Deciding which treatment program is right for you, or if you need treatment at all, can be intimidating. The staff at Enlightened Solutions is here to help you make these important decisions. Our customized care has helped many people overcome the struggle of substance abuse and addiction, meet their goals for sobriety, and go on to live healthy, full lives. From medical detox to individual or group counseling, 12-Step programs, healthy eating programs, and much more, all our programs are customized to the unique needs of our clients. To learn more, call us today at (833) 801-LIVE and speak with a member of our staff. Help is here for you – don’t wait!

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