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Living in Fear

When you are in fear, there isn’t much room for faith. This is a great fact of life that so many forget. While in the disease of addiction, life is driven by fear. A common acronym for fear is false evidence appearing real. It’s difficult in the moment to step out of fear which is why it’s so important to stay vigilant in keeping a solid connection with a higher power. The reason behind much of the desires to numb feelings, is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of the past, fear of the present. It’s all there, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. The one bulletproof solution is to give it up to a higher power. Once it’s out of the hands of whose fearful, God can take the wheel.

Traumatic events can cause fear which is shown through post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Depression and anxiety can be driven by fear and can be processed with a licensed therapist. When someone let’s go of what’s been stuffed for years, there can be progress in moving forward in life with endless amounts of hope and faith. For those who accept and expose these falsehoods, the next step is to work them through. Finding the triggers and ways to avoid them will help in keeping people on the right track. People in recovery must start to trust the intuition. This will become easier every sober day. Ignoring the intuition is like ignoring a higher power which in time leads to running back to past behaviors.

There are often times when people have a fear of doing well in sobriety. Having things go smoothly can seem boring, when it is actually serenity and peace. It may seem like a foreign concept but it sneaks in there. When life is chaotic, it may seem like there will never be any way out. The unmanageable life becomes the normal state, which is why it’s so common to self-sabotage with relapse and unwarranted drama. Being intoxicated and numbing feelings had been more comfortable for a long time. Being uncomfortable in sobriety is part of the transformation that every person in recovery will have to go through. As life goes, on this new peaceful feeling will become the norm and life can finally begin!

If you are struggling with addiction, alcoholism and/or mental health, you don’t have to be in fear any longer. Enlightened Solutions holistic, clinical, and 12-step approach can help guide you to a life of sobriety and self-love. Call today for more information: 833-801-5483.

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