Sleep deprivation is an unfortunate struggle that is all too common among those with addiction. When a person had been engaging in stimulants, there’s a much greater chance that there had been a lack of sleep. Some people go for days without sleep and the longer the abuse takes place, the higher risk there is for someone to slip into an early psychosis or psychosis. There is hope in coming back from this state, but there are many people out there for which it was too late.

Adderall, Ritalin, and Vyvanse have become a popular aid for students and others who need an extra boost. These are meant for those with attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Unfortunately, it has become easy for many to lie to a psychiatrist to gain access to this “miracle pill”. It may work great in the beginning, but once any abuse takes place, it’s like any other high. Those with addiction can then be headed down a dangerous path.

People can sometimes feel euphoric after pulling an all-nighter. This sleep loss leads to bad judgment and poor decision-making skills. Combining the lack of sleep and food will put an anyone on a path to destruction of the body psychically and mentally.

Those living with mental disorders already have a sleep barrier. Sleep patterns become disrupted by the countless mood swings of the brain, enabling rapid eye movement (REM) sleep to occur when balanced. This is why it can be a difficult process while stabilizing in early recovery. People need sleep to balance the mood, but at this time the mood is keeping the person from sleeping.

There are many guided meditations to help people find a sleep pattern that can prevent tossing and turning all night. At such a painful time in life, it’s also important to turn the mind away from negative talk and imagery. Guided meditations can take people into a safe, comforting place for much needed sound sleep.

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