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Treating Bipolar Disorder

It is a common occurrence for those with bipolar to have the idea of going off prescribed medication when things seem to be going well. This is unfortunate because the medication is working and the person is stable at that time. The high from the mania can feel more freeing than the stability of baseline behavior.

Life during a manic episode can reach levels of complete unmanageability. There are greater highs and lows with longer periods in between. Those with bipolar II also have episodes that are disrupting in life, but the ups and downs are more consistent waves between baseline.

There needs to be acceptance of the diagnosis for there to be consistent medication management. One of the biggest issues with this diagnosis is the inconsistency of the regulating medication. If needed there should be someone to moderate and administer the medication. This may not be ideal, but until there is cooperation, there needs to be someone involved who understands the severity of the situation.

Manic-depressive episodes will interrupt a person’s whole life if medication is not taken properly. There are episodes that cause people to act out in ways that are not out of sync with their normal state. When stable again, there can be a feeling of dissociation to this “other” person. This is commonly linked to addiction due to the lapse in judgment.

For loved ones, there are ways that you can recognize bipolar disorder and begin to seek help. During a manic period, there may be a lack of sleep and increased amount of energy.  Many times there will be a surge of unfinished projects and excessive goals. Sexual behavior is also something to look out for as well.

These amongst other strange behaviors are all reason to check into a facility to begin balancing out on a mood stabilizer. There’s no need to live life with these unnecessary ups and downs when there is treatment. This particular untreated mental disorder is preventable if there is a willingness to get help. Sometimes all it takes is a second to look back at the erratic history to come to a realization and see clearly what’s the next right step.

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