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Ways To Bring More Mindfulness Into Your Day

It’s about connection and coming to present gratitude with your current environment and conditions. Here are 10 ways to enhance your experience of mindfulness throughout the day, no matter where you are.



Even on an airplane, you have an ability to stand and walk up and down the aisle. Mindfulness can be as easy as changing your environment, even just a few feet away. By changing your immediate physical and visual fields, your mind is forced to become more present and actively notice what is going on around you. You’ll find a boost in awareness and a shift in your energy.



Green and blue energy are healing for the chakras of the heart and the mind. Neuroscientific research has found that spending a small portion of your day near any blue or green environment has a tremendous effect on reducing stress in mind and body. Trees, grass, bushes, a small pond, waterfall, lake, or even the ocean, is the perfect place to take a break from work, eat a meal, or just spend some quiet time.



In recovery there is a popular saying to take things one day at a time. For mindfulness, it is best to focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking is a chronic problem in the modern world. Brain researchers have revealed that there really isn’t such a thing as multitasking in the brain, but rapid task-switching which is less effective than you think it is. Mindfully put your attention and present-awareness toward one thing at a time. You’ll notice you get more done, have more energy, and feel more aware of what you are doing.



Sound therapy is a healing modality because it uses the natural vibrations of harmonizing sound to resonate energy throughout the body. Humans are gifted with their very own sound box- their voice. Singing, reading, or talking aloud is helpful in two ways. First, you can use mindfulness to become more aware of what you’re doing. Verbalizing the thoughts in your head can make them real, instead of ideas, and often take away any stress which might be associated with them. Second, the vibrations of your voice are healing for your body.


Mindfulness is an evidence-based practice, demonstrated to reduce the symptoms of addiction and enhance recovery. Our programs for partial care encourage clients to be enlightened in their approach to life, addiction, and recovery. Blending evidence-based, healing, and alternative practices, the programs at Enlightened Solutions offer a comprehensive approach to integrative care.

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