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When it is Time to Leave a Relationship Behind

Patient. Acceptance that addiction has power is vital in understanding the next step in how to execute change. If the enabling remains part of the person’s life with addiction and/or alcoholism, there will be no real reason to get help.

Using friends are the first to go on the path to recovery. Cutting off contact with all bad influences will guide the person away from those who do not and will not support their recovery.

Romantic relationships can be complicated. While it is recommended that there shouldn’t be any big changes in the first year of sobriety, it should be pretty clear when this does not apply. When a relationship is based on the substance, it’s time to go. Unless both parties enter treatment and begin work on themselves, the person attempting to recover could be drawn back into old habits by the person still in the disease. Often times, after sobering up, people in recovery have different perspectives in regards to romantic feelings. It can be painful but for a better future, one must walk away from the past.

Under certain circumstances, the identified patient may only have the option to go back into old neighborhoods and environments. Being sober will be difficult around all of the unavoidable triggers. Becoming involved in support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous is beneficial because of the new healthy friendships formed. When times are tough, it’s important to have a sober support network, other than a therapist. As time passes, life will have a brighter outlook and things tend to fall into place.

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