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Are Vaporizers Bad for your Health?

It is commonly known that when patients enter treatment facilities, they may give into the temptation of nicotine. The fact that nicotine releases dopamine to the brain is one of the reasons why there is a strong craving for the substance. Since vaporizers have come onto the market, the product has become known as less harmful than cigarettes.

Vaporizers have less carcinogenic products and less smoke inhalation than cigarettes which is a good thing. However, even though vaporizers have been approved by the FDA, there are still zero regulations on the additives they use to produce the products e-liquid. Scientists are still studying the long-term effects that these chemical components will have on people.

There are many different manufacturers of e-liquid already. Some of these liquids contain diacetyl, which happens to give butter its buttery taste that we all know so well. This will cause scarring in the lungs known as “popcorn lung.” Why might you ask? The reason behind the name is an incident that occurred in a popcorn factory, where hundreds of employees had been inhaling diacetyl. This was the cause for non-reversing lung damage. There haven’t been any cases of this yet, it’s one of the risks of the usage of diacetyl in the e-liquid.

The are many flavors of e-liquids that produces the smell of the exhalation. The particles in this vaporized material have ultrafine products that can cause pulmonary health problems. The concern is the stigma that vaporizers are healthier than cigarettes. This is not necessarily true. There is no evidence of long-term effects just yet, which means vape users today are the guinea pigs for the product.

Neither vaporizers or cigarettes are a good solution for the body and it doesn’t make much sense to consider “vaping” a step down from smoking cigarettes. It is not suggested to take up smoking while in treatment which would only be trading in one addiction for another. While in treatment, it is suggested to time to embrace the healing process and learn to live without harmful assistance. It may be hard work but it pays off in the end with a long, healthy future.

If you have a history of addictive behavior and/or mental health issues, our safe environment offers a chance to heal. Come begin the transformation with us in New Jersey. Enlightened Solutions has a partial program that includes a clinical, holistic and 12-step approach proven to show real results. For more information, please call 833-801-5483.

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